Wrestling with Resistance

BlackLion wrestling with – and
acknowledging – resistance.
Resistance played by Áine.
Photos by Starcat.

Wrestling with Resistance
by BlackLion

Have you ever found yourself doing something over and over again, even though you know that you will regret it when you finish? Do you feel guilty about a certain pleasure yet when you actually are in the situation it doesn’t excite you much any more? Have you tried over and over again to change (insert aspect about yourself), yet it never truly goes away or may even get worse?

This is wrestling with resistance. When you fight against anything, you are holding yourself in a place of “not what you want.” You find aspects about your experience that you don’t like, you grind long and hard against whatever it is you don’t want, or you give up and accept that you cannot change whatever it is you are trying to change. All of these are patterns of negative beliefs and the cycle is nearly never-ending. However, you do have a choice.

You could realize that you are the creator of your own experience, in each moment. In other words, you are creating your life right now based on what you are focused upon. Realize that whatever negative belief you have is a choice out of billions and billions of choices before you. Many of them would be dramatically unappealing and others would be perfectly suited for you.

To distinguish between your choices right now in this moment, take a deep breath. The menu of choices in front of you is tailored specifically for your life experience. In this moment, find the best feeling option at your disposal and actively focus upon it until it feels like time to change. Then, in that new moment, find the current best-feeling option available to you.

You will be surprised at how simple this process can be, yet old patterns want to grab your focus and discourage you from these options. Acknowledge that the old pattern is one of many choices available to you. You don’t need to push against them, just let them have their say and choose something better. With practice and focus on the best of your life, you will find new people, new places, and new circumstances that best fit who you are and who you are becoming. Happy journeying!

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