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Nature or Nurture… It’s Both!

Nature or Nurture… It’s Both!
By BlackLion

Have you heard the debate between nature and nurture? Clearly, everyone is inclined to be a certain way when they’re born. We each came with our own intentions, tendencies, frequencies, and mission. We were created from cosmic energies and infused with the essence of our parents to become a living, breathing, loving human being on this magnificent and mysterious world.

Physically, we’re each made of atoms, molecules, fluids, cells, membranes, organs, and bones. Through our understanding of physics, chemistry, biology and psychology, we better understand that life is a miracle. Nowhere else in the known universe is there anything like life on this planet. From our crystal clear blue waters and the lush green of millions of varieties of plant life to the billions and billions of animals, microbes and, oh yes, us humans.

We’re living in an environment, right now, that supports all of us so that we each can live, grow, transform, and eventually die in this brilliant natural cycle of life. Humans can go without food for as much as 3 weeks, without water for only about 3 days, without shelter for only 3 hours in severe weather conditions, and around 3 minutes without air.

We have found a universal sweet spot on this nature-filled Earth.

So what? Most of us have all that we need and then some. You may not have known the harshness of starvation, lack of pure drinking water, not enough shelter from the elements, or lack of fresh, crisp air. Thank Goddess!

Thankfully, you’ve had others to nurture you – someone who cared for you when you couldn’t care for yourself, someone who feed you, watered you, cleansed you and sheltered you. With the deep and loving embrace of your parents, you were brought up in a place that gave you the strength, resolve, and ability to grow and become who you came here to be.

Of course, there are always exceptions and definitely some extra baggage along the way. Yet, despite all of the harsh realities that you may have faced, you managed to create a life worth living and worth sharing. You found compatriots, friends, lovers, and eventually maybe kids (human or furred) of your own to nourish and nurture. The cycle of life continues!

From a purely scientific point of view, life is an anomaly, a fluke in this otherwise mechanistic universe.

Those who have faith in spirit know that we chose to be here on Earth and that life is a miracle.

And the line between these two extremes has blurred significantly as quantum physics has become known. There is no objective universe – it is all relative to our own conscious viewpoint.

Wait, what? So, you’re born into this natural world, better yet FROM this natural world. You are nurtured, to varying degrees, by those who came before.

And now we understand that your unique perspective not only affects your interactions with the world but the very nature of reality as well.

We are all conscious co-creators of this Universe. To be sure, there are guidelines, rules, and laws that we have agreed upon to be part of this physical world system, yet within these vast confines, there is a lot of wiggle room.

Recognize that the nature of all matter is energy. And energy has certain properties such as amplitude, direction and frequency. Matter just happens to be a low-frequency type of energy while sunlight, x-rays and supernovae are high-frequency energies.

With your conscious, and often unconscious, guidance of your own frequency, your thoughts and actions resonate into the universe. When like frequencies interact or stack on one another, they amplify these energies.

One example is when an opera singer bursts her highest note (a frequency) and shatters a wine flute because she hits its resonance.

When you are focusing your thought frequencies into the universe, those similar energies will naturally gravitate to you.

At least, you will more likely experience those similar frequencies since they will be amplified in your experience because of your emanations. And similarly, the opposite of what you are resonating will diminish toward nil in your life because it too will seek out more common frequencies with itself (since you are not it any more).

And this is where nurturing comes into play.

When you tend your thoughts to those that most please you, you feel good and resonate positively in your life. So encourage nature to respond in kind with those delicious frequencies.

Often, we unconsciously deliver frequencies to the universe that don’t really serve us, like worry, doubt, anger, and fear, and this is what we receive in our life all too often.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to tend your joy and receive that which you are wanting?

Great news! The nature of the universe is to give you exactly what you are putting out into the world. And when you nurture yourself and others toward these positive vibrations – great health, happy family, delicious and nutritious foods, fulfilling work, fruitful relationships – you’ll discover a whole new level of reality in which your life becomes a natural extension of your spiritual connection.

So what’s really stopping you from focusing on the feel-good parts of your life? Sure, you’ll have some clean-up time from old thoughts, beliefs, and paradigms, yet when you truly choose to focus on nurturing your natural tendencies, life will become so much better.

Don’t you deserve to live the life of your dreams?

As spiritual mentors and natural nurturers, let us guide you through the sometimes bumpy road to self-love, self-care and self-nurturing. Once you’ve felt what life truly can be like, you’ll never want to put the blinders back on again. The universe is full of both-and, so have your cake and eat it too, joyfully!

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Why Your Vision is Vital, Right Now

Why Your Vision is Vital, Right Now
by BlackLion

I remember when I got so wound up by the news with “government this” and “how could they do that” mentality. To the point where a general malaise came over me; too much junk to comprehend, let alone deal with.

We are independent and freedom-loving people. Equality for all, heck yeah. Justice no matter what. Community-minded, making sure every one has enough. The Feminine Divine is as much revered as the Sacred Masculine.

Your unique vision can and will change the world for the betterment of all.

I’ve transformed, and you can too.

So how did I do it?

Sure, I wasn’t any good at meditation or yoga or affirmations, or any of that at the time. I was working in a corporate job that had changed from fun to meaningless, and I wasn’t helping anyone by pining for summer adventures and fresh air instead of cubicles and plexiglass. I knew something had to change. I had a vision of better.

Today, meditation and visualization have become a wonderful and permanent part of my spiritual practices.

When I first found play and the Feminine Divine, I discovered a whole new possibility to have a personal and intimate conversation with the sacred. By recognizing my integral part in my relationship with the Universe, I have since found magnificent and lasting ways to change the habit of not being enough or not seeing the vision through.

When you allow yourself the quiet, the deep reflection, the mirror that your shadow self can provide, you will find answers to those vexing limitations that are perceived outside of you. No longer does anyone of any political, religious, or dogmatic persuasion have a hold on me. I choose what is best for me and what I perceive as the highest good.

It’s true of you as well. The blessings you have to offer are so invaluable and needed right now.

I call B.S. on anyone that says they can’t make a difference. YOU are the difference maker. Your decisions guide your whole life. Discover your core beliefs, fix those that are broken, update the ones that no longer serve you and create new ones that best serve you and your mission. When you hone in on your highest truth, your greatest vision of what you can offer singularly to this precious world unfolds.

How do you get there? Grab some scissors, magazines, and glue to make your own vision board. Tune into the mindset and connectedness that you feel after a delicious guided meditation drummed to your core. When you collect together with like-minded change-makers and visionaries, you’ll access more clarity, depth, and collaborative essence. Together, you can’t help but skyrocket your vision into the stratosphere.

What truly matters is that you love your vision.

Sure, you could focus on more debt, more pains, more suffering, more inequality, more whatever, more “I can’t believe what he just did.” Until you are in full alignment with your true mission here on Earth, you probably won’t be full invested in it, and will fall back into the rut of the status quo.

The time is now to take hold of your vision. Own it. Be it. Act it. Love it!

You can’t possibly have a terrible trip and end up at the happy ending. You must own your power to choose what is best for each moment. You owe it to yourself to do what feels better. Bathe yourself in relief and trust and knowing your vision is calling you forward to do your wild thing, your way.

Now imagine your tribe each doing their best thing, each of you positively influenced by your success at going for your vision, full steam ahead. Even if you’ve held your vision for a while now, new insights and inspirations can come from unexpected places.

Nurture yourself and your vision with intention and self-love, regularly.

That doesn’t mean what you do already, like going to the gym, taking care of the house, being a loving partner, writing to your representatives, and helping out at the soup kitchen are to be taken lightly. These are the cornerstones of your individual yet common connections to your family, friends and community.

But taking that moment for yourself and your deep “why” is priceless, too.

Step up to bravely face whatever contrast that may be currently present, yet with pure YOU truth in your vision. You get to choose what you most want. You get to choose how you live life. You get to say how your world evolves, with your intentions and focus on your soul’s vision.

That’s why living your vision is so vital to changing the world.

The world will change to your vision if you believe it will. You’ll be inspired to take the right actions at the right time with the right people.

Boom, wow, how did it get to better so fast?

The power you wield can move mountains, feed children, right wrongs, and galvanize communities. Your vision is the conduit to a fulfilling and meaningful life, making a difference and raising the Feminine Divine to greater and greater heights with your love and caring.

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Accessing Your Deep Vision

Accessing Your Deep Vision
by Starcat

Inside of you is a powerful connection point, a link to your soul’s deepest vision. Some people feel it in their heart center. Others experience a tug in the gut. Still others hear a whispering voice that offers gems of wisdom.

This is your intuition.

When you’re overwhelmed or stressed or freaked out – as many of us are right now, about the state of our world, especially – it can be hard to hear your intuition.

Yet that’s just when you need it most.

You need the “big picture” wisdom that your soul can provide. You need to know that not only will everything be alright – truly, even if The End of the World As We Know It comes – but that your gifts are vital to the collective whole.

You need a big, deep, inspiring vision.

Yours might be that book you’ve been longing to write, being there for your kids as they grow, ending world hunger, or finally learning to love yourself. No vision is too big or too small.

Once you’ve discovered your most compelling vision, you can find a way to get there. You can use inspired action steps, collaboration, the Law of Attraction, take classes, seek out mentors and practice regularly. These things are the DOing part.

Discovering your big vision, though, or refining it if you’ve caught just a glimpse, requires quiet. It requires just BEing, which is something that many of us find challenging.

The thing is, your vision already exists. You don’t need to create it. Your soul is on a mission (or several missions), and all you need to do is listen to discover it.

To get really super quiet, and listen within.

More than once.

It takes prioritizing YOU and your deep desires, which can be uncomfortable or even scary.

Really, though, it’s easy to DO – because it’s all about BEing.

Take just 5 minutes at the start – or end – of your day. Or right there in the middle, at a park bench at lunchtime or in your own backyard. When and how doesn’t much matter.

Sit. Let yourself just BE. Close your eyes. Let the external world fade away. Embrace the stillness.

Fidget if you need to, or walk in the woods if you can’t manage to sit quietly – don’t judge yourself. Just find that still point of connection, in your own way.

Be fully present.

Listen within. Feel the messages your soul has for you, just waiting for you to pay close attention.

You can do this. You are being called. You are part of the rising of the Feminine Divine, of the paradigm shift that is underway.

Ignore the news, the backlash of the patriarchy, the expectations and shoulds and endless tasks. Let it all go – just for five minutes each day – and listen to your deep intuitive wisdom.

It’s not self-indulgent. Your gifts are essential to the whole.

Now is the time for action, certainly. The time for change-making and activism and making yourself heard.
But the first step is to connect to your own big-picture vision first.

Get solid on your mission. Honor your soul work. From there, the expansion will begin.


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