08/24/16 8:00am

The Ultimate Creative Freedom

Starcat_braidThe Ultimate Creative Freedom
by Starcat

From nearly the moment we’re born, we’re encouraged to live by the rules of our family, community, and culture. To some extent, that makes sense. We want new humans to learn that there are boundaries, that they should be kind to others, respect their property, and all of the things associated with honoring one another.

However, the box has gotten gradually smaller and smaller. There are so many rules and directives that by the time we reach adulthood, most of us are confused. We either find ourselves not knowing who we really are, because we’ve been following the advice of others for much of our lives, or we feel like a rebel, a misfit, or somehow wrong for being different.

It’s time to stop and reclaim your ultimate creative freedom: the ability to live the life that you desire, and to fulfill the purpose that you came here for.

I’m not saying that it’s easy. After a childhood as a people-pleaser, a straight-A student, a conformist, I began to discover who I really was when I went off to college. Over my adult life, I’ve been exploring my passions, and discovering what makes me unique – which is often what society may label as “weird.”

I’m a vegetarian and a Pagan. I’m a mystic. I live in a polyamorous family, and we unschooled both of our kids. I’m a night owl, I believe in aliens and astrology, I worship cats. I’m a bookworm and don’t have commercial or cable TV. I’m (mostly) self-employed, a writer, and a thriving artist. I’m a hippie and a geek, equally at home at a Grateful Dead show and a Dungeons & Dragons game. I don’t, however, like video games (except Pokemon Go, of course). I’m an environmentalist, and the majority of my clothes come from the thrift store. I don’t wear makeup. I am an optimist and I believe in the power of play. I could go on and on…

As you might imagine, all of this difference leaves me feeling isolated sometimes. But it’s worth it. Why? Because, by heeding my muses and not conforming to others’ expectations of me, I’ve given myself the gift of freedom to create the life I want to live.

No one told me I could do this. Some people don’t like it. Sometimes they don’t like me – and I’m fine with that. In my younger years, that form of rejection would have horrified me. Now, I value my creative freedom over the arbitrary opinions of other people.

This can be true for you, too, if you choose to accept it.

You might feel like you’re too boxed in, too invested in the pursuits you’ve already learned, too held back by those around you. Change is hard, and inertia, while unsatisfying, can be easier. By turning your back on your own uniqueness, though, you’re walking away from a whole lot of joy, love, and fulfillment. You’re hiding from your true tribe, those who will love you for the real you. You might even be denying your soul’s purpose, which could become a source of intense meaning and empowerment.

Are you willing to take that risk or are you ready to step forward and claim your weirdness? Fly your freak flag for all the world to see!

I hope you’ll step up today, perhaps just in a small way at first, to claim your true creative freedom. You can create a life that fills you with wild satisfaction. You’re the only one who knows how. Trust your inner guidance and soar into your unique creative freedom!

08/10/16 8:00am

Free to Be Me

FB_20160412_12_30_15_Saved_PictureFree to Be Me
by BlackLion

Have you ever thought of yourself as unique, gifted, or eccentric? Do you feel like you are ho-hum, run-of-the-mill, or normal? Perhaps you are a mix of all these things, depending on what subject or attribute, like creativity, intelligence, social status, or kindness. The great thing is, you are free to choose who you are.

Freedom is a state of mind, because it is through your intention and focus that the universe provides you what you are wanting and feeling. Of course, you were influenced from your youngest years to do what you were told, go along to get along, and so many other rules while you grew up as part of a family and community. Yet now you get to decide how you react to these intense stimuli. You may choose to fight, choose flight, or simply hide in plain sight.

Free will is the ability to choose and discern what is best for you in your life and what could feel better, even much better. By actively engaging your inner senses and communicating with your spiritual guidance, you can figure out what it is that makes you, You. And with this ability to choose, you can be, do and have anything you want.

Being who you are can be pretty scary. Wow, you are completely and wholly responsible for what happens in your life, including the crud. But now that you are free to be who you are, you get to shine your light in whatever ways you want. By using your magickal tools – meditation, affirmations, yoga, focus wheels, etc. – you are facilitating your unique expression of the true you. And the freedom you’ll discover is profound!

When you choose the intention of “free to be me,” you are the champion of your own life. You get to decide how you see your life, your co-creators, and your loved ones. You get to choose which kind of work pleases and nourishes you. You are free to be the creative genius you know you are.

So what are some of the roadblocks to your freedom? Perhaps you have some limiting beliefs that are holding you back. Do you feel like you are not worthy of success? Do you feel that others are keeping you down or scuttling your dreams? One of the most important reminders you can have is to know that you are responsible (thankfully) for your own happiness. By taking your power back, not that you ever truly lost it, you get to choose what you think and feel about your life.

And with this power, you are free!

Your mindset is vitally important and when you are feeling cranky, upset, or angry, you are only attracting circumstances that will increase those feelings. Acknowledge them, feel them and then let them go. When you focus on your creativity, joy, and love, the universe draws to you people and experiences that match those feelings too. What an awesome superpower!

Understand that you are the captain of your own ship and that you get to be free to be who you are because you choose to. Your intention is vitally important. Foster feelings of freedom, even simple ones like choosing what feels better in each moment. Freedom is a feeling and continuing to feel this way will open up so much beauty and wonder and joy and love in your life. Cheers!

What ways do you see yourself as free? What about areas of your life that feel stuck? Make a self-assessment and create more opportunities to free yourself!

07/13/16 8:00am

The Healing Powers of Self-Kindness

Bridget-FlowersThe Healing Powers of Self-Kindness
by BlackLion

One of the most neglected ways we fail to take care of ourselves in our Western culture is self-kindness. Systemically, we work more, stress out more and worry more all the time. Rarely do we take the time to nurture ourselves or love ourselves for who we are.

So what are some simple and profound ways we can take care of ourselves through kindness?

Give Yourself a Break. Taking a break from constant self-help is a kind way of letting yourself be who you are in the present moment. There is no right or wrong way to be in this moment. You are simply who you are right now as the culmination of all the decisions, thoughts, and feelings you have made throughout your life. It just means you are who you are, right here and now.

Let Go of the Past. Of course we all learn from our past mistakes and triumphs. Our decisions now are guided by what has transpired. But that doesn’t mean we can’t look at the world with fresh eyes. We are not the same person we were 5 years ago, a year ago, a month ago, or even in the last hour. And frankly, neither is the rest of the universe the same. If we assume it is the same, and judge ourselves and our circumstances by old standards, we are probably being unkind to ourselves.

Do Something Fun. You know what feels really good, right? Something that gets your heart-rate pumping, your joy-o-meter rising and your smile a-beaming. Joy is a form of kindness where you are living in the moment, enjoying what you are doing and letting life be awesome. Because, after all, what is the point of living if you aren’t enjoying the ride?

Allow Another to Be Kind to You. Often we are good at giving, but we don’t let ourselves receive. Let someone hold the door for you. Let someone buy your lunch. Let another be supportive. Let someone into your heart and allow them to nurture you. Without your say so, no one can help you (or hinder you). By allowing the universe to give you what you need right when you need it – being open, aware and ready – you are letting the kindness shine in.

Forgive Yourself. The greatest relief you can find is letting yourself off the hook. No matter whether you screwed up royally or missed an appointment or were late for a meeting, just forgive yourself. And with this one simple kind act, you’ll feel a palpable relief that will relax your tense shoulders and ease your worried mind. Forgiveness, especially with yourself, is an elixir to heal your soul.

For more on kindness, you can join our upcoming event, Cultivating Self-Love – a live online workshop that helps you transform self-sabotage into self-confidence.