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Looking for quick and easy ways to include more soulfulness in your crazy-busy days? Want to up-level your connection to the Feminine Divine in ways that have a powerful impact on your life, but you’re unsure how? Love to hear inspiring ways to create positive change in the world by doing what you LOVE?

We’ve got you covered.

Check out the (bi)weekly PawedCats Podcast. Each episode is packed with wisdom, inspiration, and laughter. We chat with spiritual leaders (you know, not the stuffy ones, but the ones who love to dance) about how they stay sane in a topsy-turvy world. We also share guided meditations, mini-rituals for staying connected to your Inner Source, and the occasional Tarot reading. Subscribe now!

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PawedCats Podcast Playlist


Season 5


Episode 511: Money Alchemy (43:23) (32.4 MB)

Ming Chee of and talks with us about the energy of money and some simple ways to rev up your own relationship with money, her inspiring story from financial hardship to money manifestation, and magickal healing with fur babies of all stripes, scales, and fins.


Episode 510: Self-Awareness and Self-Acceptance (25:10) (24.8 MB)

When you practice self-awareness and self-acceptance, you become more attuned to your higher self and pave the way for a better future. We’ll also have a media review, this time it’s not a book, wow!


Episode 509: Healing your Ancestral Line (48:41) (34.2 MB)

As we enter the depths of Autumn, the veils between the worlds become thin. We are closer than ever to our beloved dead and all of our ancestors. What does this mean for you? Join us as we welcome Jennifer Moore of Modern Medicine Lady. She’ll share her wisdom about honoring your ancestors, healing ancestral wounds, forgiveness, and more. Jen also has a special bonus for you, and we’ll share a media review of a book for the creative in all of us.


Episode 508: Compassion (24:49) (30.4 MB)

In this episode, learn to embrace compassion (even for those difficult people), release the fears that block you from money and happiness, and set up a mastermind circle in your life to raise all your vibes.


Episode 507: Integration (20:01) (19.7 MB)

In which we pull a Faerie Oracle card for you, discover ways to be consistent, persistent and insistent, and how to integrate spirit to become a whole person.


Episode 506: Summer Practices (24:21) (23.1 MB)

In which we help make a dream come true, discuss our summer spiritual practices, find out that the Universe has our back, and attune with the natural world.


Episode 505: Practice What You Preach (25:04) (24.0 MB)

In which we open up to our inner wisdom, discuss practical nurturing practices, review some fundamental Law of Attraction resources, and enjoy the busy summer season.


Episode 504: Finding Your Tribe (18:23) (17.4 MB)

In which we chat about upcoming summer festivals and concerts, take big leaps, a visit with Percy and our dog friend Aine, and discovering your own vibe tribe.


Episode 503: Releasing Guilt (18:36) (17.6 MB)

In which we walk barefoot on the Earth, get excited about our good vibe coach Jeannette Maw, and share reasons to let go of guilt for a happier life.


Episode 502: Why Getting What You Want is Good for You (18:40) (44.8 MB)

In which the Dalai Lama struggles with meditation, why getting what you want is good for you, and we discuss an awesome and funny series, Grace and Frankie.


Episode 501: Spiritual Practice is Vital (23:34) (56.6 MB)

In which we reintroduce the podcast, explore the vital nature of spiritual practice, go through the portal of creativity, see science and mysticism merge, and hang out with Percy and his purrs.