Free Your True Self: Be Epic in 2017!

SWTU January 2017

In front of you now: the blank slate of a brand new year. Have you thought about the year to come and what you’d like to do and feel and experience? What are your dreams for 2017?

Imagine yourself a month or two from now.

  • Will you still be rushing around trying to get everything done?
  • Will you be worrying about money or the state of your house or that extra few pounds you put on?
  • Are you going to wind up wishing you could make a difference in the world, but not really believing that it’s ever going to happen?
  • Does taking time for your creative passions or nourishing yourself seem like a pipe dream?

Many of us make the same New Year’s resolutions, year after year. We’ve set our intentions. We’ve chosen a word to live by through the months to come. And once again we never quite seem to make the fundamental changes that we’re longing for.

Why is that?

The patterns that follow you through the course of your life are connected with a core belief that you accepted at a very young age. Think about it – what is that one area of life that you never seem to quite figure out? What part of your life do you most wish could be different right now?

For many of us, a key core belief that restricts us revolves around self-worth. “I’m not enough. I don’t deserve it. I haven’t got what it takes to reach my goals.” That inner voice of doubt can sabotage even the most well-intended resolutions to make a change.

Your deepest core beliefs, the ones you’ve learned over a lifetime from parents, teachers, the culture as a whole, are invisible. They form the foundation of your experience and your reactions to life’s challenges. If these beliefs aren’t aligned with what you truly want, they can keep you stuck – for years.

Wouldn’t it feel fantastic to finally resolve your recurring issues, so you can move forward toward your most cherished dreams? You can!

  • Start 2017 with a clean slate.
  • Discover your unique strengths and build on them.
  • Take empowered action on your biggest dreams.
  • Best of all, release the inner drama and savor the everyday blessings.

Join Feline Dreamers for Free Your True Self: Be Epic in 2017!, a free virtual workshop that will tap into your inherent self-worth and help you rewrite those old beliefs. When you see yourself in the new light of your upgraded beliefs, you’ll feel more empowered to live your dreams, maintain your focus on your life’s purpose, and believe in yourself like never before.

Join us in your own cozy home for this free 90-minute workshop, on Thursday, January 12th at 4pm EST.

Free yourself from old constrictions and follow your bliss!

2 thoughts on “Free Your True Self: Be Epic in 2017!

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  2. Nikki I am so sorry that I missed it last week. I am very thankful that you are offering it again; I have been lamenting in my mind about it all week. I will attend, though may well be late, due to being in a different time zone and a regular work meeting that often lasts until that time or later. So I will be there even if listening from my desk at work!
    Thank you again,

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