Why Be Present?

WP_20140614_001Why Be Present?
by BlackLion

When you focus on worries of the future or concerns of the past, you are forgetting about a very important aspect of your life experience – right now. Now is your point of power. Now is where you get to decide what will be your next focus. Now is the essential life force of living.

So how do you stay focused on the now? Right now you are breathing. And you do so all the days of your life, every moment, every day. Focusing on your breath is a constant reminder that life transpires in this critical moment. The transfer of oxygen and carbon dioxide, the mix of outside and inside, all happens while you breathe.

You can take an intentional breath and be present. You could simply observe how your chest moves up and down, that feeling in your nostrils as the air comes in and goes out. This is presence. Become familiar with this feeling of presence. What do you sense during this moment? Perhaps you’ll notice that you are hearing more than you had before. Are you seeing the world in a new light? What does the wind smell like?

Now that you are more familiar with the present moment, you get to decide what your focus will be. This is “the zone” that athletes and artists alike fall into when they become hyperaware. Every movement, thought, sense, and idea comes from this connection to your creative now. Inspiration comes when you are attuned to your everything – mind, body, and spirit as one.

To be present is to be truly alive. When you are living rather than the walking dead, you make a difference in the world in profound ways. You’re more aware of yourself, others, and your connection with them. You can be more conscious of others’ emotions while staying aligned with your own power source.

What truly matters to you? The Now allows you to become focused on the most important aspects of your life. Practice is essential to a fulfilling present moment, so return to this state as often as possible by setting up reminders and refocusing on your breathing when you notice that your mind wanders. May you have a joyful now, and many more to come!

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