Which Direction Will You Choose?

Which Direction Will You Choose?
by BlackLion

Life has a way of rolling in a direction and gaining momentum. The dominant energy that you surround yourself with will be the same energy you find waiting for you in your near (and far) future. If you could choose the direction your life is heading (and you can) what would it be? Continuing on your present course will lead to even more of what you put your attention towards.

So now what? Your life is going good, or not, and it is getting better and better, or not. Even the status quo, as it were, is new, in the sense that you are repeating the same patterns over and over again, getting the same results. Are you ready for a change? Do you dare embrace the mystery of your beautiful and eternal nature?

Stop where you are right now and take a deep and honest assessment of your life. What are the things that are going great in your life? A wonderful partner? A fulfilling job? A restful home life? A spiritual community? Give thanks for all the wonderful aspects of your life right now. Of course, there are things you don’t enjoy about your life. Instead of rehashing the same thoughts of lack and worry, why not instead find out what you really want in those areas? Insights into your desires will give you a boost and a clearer picture of what you are creating day in and day out.

Whenever a subject that has brought you challenges comes up, take a moment and look within. Seek the true desire in this circumstance and find ways to let go of the frustration of things not going your way. As you continue to try and find new ways of overcoming old patterns, be easy about it. Resistance is a natural part of letting go. When you are ready, the answers will become obvious. You are doing a great job just as you are! Keep going and discover new signposts on your life’s path.

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