Walking Your Talk

There’s a lot of talk out there right now about the rise of human consciousness, and how we’re creating powerful positive change, even as the old patriarchal society is falling apart around us. It’s beautiful to witness these changes, and to see people committing to them, whether on the world stage or more quietly.

But there’s also a huge divide between our stated values and how we spend our time – which is arguably our most precious resource. We’re not always walking our talk.

Just to be clear, this isn’t a judgment. Survival mode is a completely normal response to the often chaotic nature of modern life. Sometimes it feels like just making it through your day is more than enough to exhaust you. This is true especially when you have a lot of responsibilities, or when you’re emotionally sensitive and empathic (raising my own hand here).

The daily journey from getting up, taking care of your morning routine, working and caregiving, doing chores and feeding yourself and your family, not to mention squeezing in exercise and social time, all the way back to collapsing in bed – it can take up all your time.

So how do we heal that divide between our values and how we actually live our lives?

A little at a time.

One thing you can do is to tune into your inner voice of wisdom, and trust what it tells you.

Personally, I’ve found that listening to my inner guidance helps me stay on the path toward my big dreams – the ones that are aligned with making the world a better place. My inner wisdom has led me to do both inner work and outer work that is in tune with the way I want our new society to be.

The deep inner work means that I have committed to a daily spiritual practice. I know, it’s a paradox. When you feel like you don’t have time to live your deepest values, how in the world can you make time for daily practice? Trust me, when you do, it opens up your experience of time itself.

When you cultivate a daily practice, you become calmer, less stressed, and better able to prioritize what’s truly important to you. You’re living more proactively, and you devote less time to reacting to and worrying about what goes on around you. When you tend to your own need for connection, you’re less likely to be distracted by the things that stress you out. When you put spiritual connection first, it also makes it much easier to hear your wise inner voice.

The outer work means showing up in the world, wherever you go, according to your personal ethics and values. For me, this involves embodying the qualities of the Feminine Divine: compassion, creative expression, holistic health, respect for diversity, communion with Nature, direct spiritual connection, collaboration, and intuition.

You can do this wherever you go and whatever you’re doing. The way you show up in the world becomes smoothly integrated with the values you hold dear. In my case, I seek opportunities to collaborate with other women business owners, I do yoga, and I make time for my creative pursuits. I support causes and purchase from businesses that respect diversity and the natural environment. I speak with kindness and compassion.

This more mindful way of living feels better, more authentic.

Is it perfect? No. It’s always a work in progress. But by identifying and then embodying your deepest values, you’re aligning yourself with the changes you wish to make in the world.

You’re walking your talk, even as you navigate the craziness of everyday life.

It becomes your new normal. You are shining your light in a way that uplifts and inspires others, and is much more sustainable.

You are part of the solution.

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