Trust Your Process

Here at Feline Dreamers, we espouse a roaring time of joyful play, regular spiritual practice, meaningful work, many profound and loving relationships, and a community of people who support each other. It would be ideal if all this happened every single day. That’s where the trust comes in.

When you set an intention to cultivate uplifting futures, joyful presents, and fond memories, every day is a new day. Every day also has its own challenges. With a continued focus on finding practices that continually and purposefully delight you, the rough patches become few and far between. Even when you are in the middle of a crisis, just taking a few intentional breaths will reaffirm your intention to not let those monkey-mind thoughts run the circus.

We’ve had our share of challenges of late, with one of our family going down with a leg injury and surgery, his mom breaking a hip the same day, and, oh yeah, a nor’easter dropped a foot of snow accompanied by technical challenges with the snowblower. Yet, every time, you can come back from these seeming misfortunes.

Yes, feel the emotions that flow through you, yet there’s no need to linger on them any more than you need to cleanse yourself. Having a regular spiritual practice to rely on will allow you to reset after a crisis or two at the home-front. If you’re having challenges in any area of your life right now, take a moment to truly thank those involved, including yourself. This learning opportunity is perfect for you to make the necessary changes to better your life experience intentionally.

All done with someone’s bullshit? Time to find a more loving and kind person to spend your time with. Does another person keep focusing on the hurts rather than life’s sweet little moments? Their mood doesn’t have to affect you. It only will if you let it. Take a few breaths, do some counting, or take a nature walk to reconnect to your Source.

Trust the process of life and know that you are supported by the liminal realms and the Divine, wherever She may roam.


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