Transformation When the Veil is Thinnest

Aine enjoying the autumn sunshine.

Aine enjoying the autumn sunshine.

Transformation When the Veil is Thinnest
By BlackLion

As you integrate all you learned from your adventures during the summer and early autumn, and when the veil between the worlds is thin this time of year, transformation is imminent. Whether you go kicking and screaming or you allow whatever may come into your life, know that each new moment is a boon rather than a bust, despite the challenges you may face.

The great thing about humanity is our adaptability. We live in such diverse cultures, traditions and personal truths that no matter what the universe offers, humans will find a way. When you tap into this ever-growing momentum, you can’t help but stretch your comfort zone and expand into new frontiers.

You’ve perfectly set yourself up to be the magnificent you, right here and now, if you will just let go of all your restrictions and become your true self (as if you couldn’t!). The current of good tidings is constantly at your whim. Though it may not be instantaneous transformation, each step toward your goals, desires, and intentions is one more avenue for the universe to pour bounty into your life.

Living a joy-filled path is a genuine way of being. You may not have learned the techniques of affirmations, meditation, or vision boards, yet each of these are tools and rituals you can add to your own personal living practice. If you do not have a main focus, or have several different ones, tap into your center and figure out which one is next for your divine focus.

From moment to moment, however long each one lasts, you get to decide when, how much, and with whom, you share your unique perspective and experience. You get to decide where your life is heading and which forms of transformation you most want to accomplish in this lifetime. Only you can truly know your right path when you stay aligned to your Source.

With the assistance of your spirit guides, ancestors, and those who have never crossed, you are ripe for becoming the prime, Grade-A you. At mid-autumn, the world is changing toward slumber. The leaves are falling and the memories of the heights of summer remain just that, memories to utilize for further growth.

When you lift yourself up from wherever you may have fallen along the way, your spiritual cheering squad will offer insights and support however you choose to transform. During this season, thank your ancestors, whether by blood or association, and be gracious to your guides just across the thin veil.

Blessed Be!

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