Top Ten Ways Self-Nurturing Changes Your World

Nurturing yourself in the sunshine.Top Ten Ways Self-Nurturing Changes Your World
by BlackLion

Spring is a time for renewal, rebirth, and transformation. With the world waking up, we too can wake up by taking care of our most valuable asset, ourselves. By nurturing ourselves on so many levels, we are more able to create, love, and dance in this magnificent mysterious universe.

Here are some great ways that self-nurturing can manifest a metamorphosis in your world:

1. Accept What Is
When you take care of yourself by meditating, eating delicious and nutritious food, regularly going out in nature, or whatever revs you up, you’ll more easily accept that life is what it is. In other words, you’ll be more clear-headed, and your stress levels will go down, allowing you to see the world as it really is, and not some fantasy or dogma. Being present allows life to be what it is and you’ll more easily know your place in the grand scheme of the universe.

2. See the Beauty
When you get in tune with who you are by taking care of yourself, you’re able to remove the masks that have been blinding you to who you really are. Look into the mirror and truly see yourself. That sparkle in your eyes is your spirit, directly reflected in you. This beauty within you is the same magickal energy that pervades all things. Beauty is everywhere – it has always been there, in the eye of the beholder.

3. Be the Change You Want to See
When you take care of yourself mentally, spiritually and physically, you will discover how easy it is to become more, to become your best self. This is a continuous spiritual practice that moves mountains and transforms the world. By embodying your highest ideals, you’ll become those ideals, and the universe around you will transform itself to follow your new ways of being. Of course, you can always keep doing the same-ole same-ole and the universe will continue to give you that too. Nurture your naissant spiritual bliss.

4. Discover Self-Love
As you become more attuned to your highest self, the recriminations and self-doubt will be released and the new brilliant you will be dusted off and shine brightly. Loving who you are right here and now is the conduit to changing your world. If you treated yourself like your favorite loved one in your life, wouldn’t that feel so joyful and at ease? Why not take those loving steps each moment and find out how awesome you can become simply by nurturing yourself? Double cat dare you!

5. More Energy and Vitality
When you nurture yourself regularly, you will find that life is sweet and juicy. You’ll have so many reasons to get up in the morning. Your body and mind will transform and become aligned with your spiritual intentions here on this Earth plane. Life will be an exciting and joyful journey and you’ll find ways to live and love here so much more easily. You will literally jump for joy more and more as you recognize that self-nurturing is your natural way of being. Hip hip hooray!

6. We Are All Connected
Self-nurturing may seem like something you do only once in a while, like a treat or a vacation, yet when you make this part of your daily practice, you’ll find that this is the basis for living a life full of well-being. Once you recognize and feel the changes within you, you’ll see the connections of your magickal way of being as you go out into the world. Every day will be a new chance to make a new friend, connect more deeply with your family, and recognize the spiritual essence of all things, hidden gems within every being. Namaste!

7. Laughter Is the Best Medicine
You’ll find so many reasons to laugh out loud at the antics the the universe is doing all over the place. If you are not feeling the zing of self-love and nurturing you may choose to focus on what’s wrong with the world. Yet with practice, you will be able to see the humor in yourself and others. This feeling of exuberance and gaiety will have your aches and pains diminish and will increase your vitality and well-being. Laugh it up!

8. Clarity of Focus
You won’t believe how many folks have these narrow blinders on that they were taught to use to feel “right” or “proper.” These blinders are a limiting and narrow-minded way of protecting ourselves. When we nurture ourselves and find out that we truly are alright and that all is well because of love, we’ll become clear-headed and be able to focus our attention on what really matters in this world: love, joy, happiness, and purpose. Tend to your inner wounds and worries to become the radiant, loving being you are meant to be.

9. Uplift Community
When you are truly in line with who you are by nurturing yourself, those in alignment with your new life will gravitate towards you in droves. Though some may remain stuck in their ways for now, know that those meant to uplift you will find you, and those that you are meant to uplift will appear. Community is about the interactions between others who are also on this spiritual journey. Those who resonate with you will join together in harmony and discovery. By loving yourself and being kind to yourself, that love and kindness translates to every other, even if they choose to focus their attention elsewhere. You cannot help but lift the spirits of those around you when you take care of yourself.

10. Stay in the Zone
That place where creativity, spirit and action merge together comes from within when you are fulfilled. Self-nurturing is the conduit to being in the Zone, a state of heightened awareness, clarity and a thirst for transforming spiritual insights into manifested brilliance. By continuously finding new ways to honor who you are and where you want to go, the vast wealth of inspiration, dream manifestation, and juicy life are at your beck and call. Become the being you were most meant to be by taking care of the present you, right here and now. Dance with your muse!

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