The Truth According to BlackLion

The Truth According to BlackLion

All this month here at Feline Dreamers, we’ve been talking about living your truth and finding ways to do that more wholeheartedly. When you believe something fully, it is a truth to you. Now, not all truths are beliefs (like gravity), and neither are all beliefs truths (false premises). Yet in our own personal experience, what colors our perceptions and guides our thoughts are our beliefs. What are the truths that rule your life right now?

Here is a list of some of BlackLion’s truths (right now):

Love Is More Powerful Than Hate. Understand that we are all nodes of an intergalactic network of energy, spanning the furthest reaches of the cosmos to the innermost core of our existence. The truth that love IS that energy resonates with me deeply. The great giver, the universe continues to make itself, from itself, into All-That-Is as it expands eternally. The energy that drives this incomprehensible vastness can overcome any fleeting worry, lingering doubt, or unfounded fear.

The Universe Gives To Us All The Time. You are continually surrounded by Nature, even if it has been temporarily transformed by us mere mortals into something else. The sun continues to generate quattuordecillion photons every second (for those math geeks that’s 1×10^45) — believe me, that’s a lot! And what does it ask in return? Nada. And all the molecules of air you’re breathing every moment? Yeah, free! Awesome! So how often are you thankful for this ample generosity? My goal is always, how about you?

Selfishness Begets A Yield. No one can make you happy. No one can get you upset. There is nothing in the world that can make you feel smarter, more attractive, kinder, or loved. Thankfully, only you can do that for yourself. When you feel joy, it is because you have chosen to acknowledge what-is as it is. When you are feeling out-of-sorts, you are seeing the world with the blinders of judgment, fear, and self-pity. You are the greatest power in your life. When you fill your cup, a wellspring comes forth from you that shares your brilliance with the world, no questions asked. Of course, you can be heavily influenced by the beings and events around you, yet you have to believe them first – i.e. they’ve become your truth.

Sacred Is Our Journey. We are all here with a Divine purpose. What that purpose is, is up to you. Go deep within yourself and really listen to the sparks of insight and calming love. We are each a blessing to the world and we each have a choice on how this life proceeds. The gift that you have been given to be where you are right now is an opportunity. Do you choose to create and transform? Or do you choose to stagnate and get stale? Life is about movement and becoming more. Be reverent with yourself and your compatriots here on this Earth plane. Allow the grace of Nature and the camaraderie of your fellow earthlings (and beyond) to be your guidance to your most fulfilling dreams and aspirations.


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