The Tightrope of Spiritual Balance


Tight-Rope Walker, Jean Louis Forain, c. 1885

The Tightrope of Spiritual Balance
by BlackLion

Every moment you face the choice you think you need to take and the one you feel you ought to take. More often than not, you worry more about the what-ifs and Plan B’s than the actual synergy of your experience in the present now. When you find your balance, the answers you seek are available in an instant. Trusting your inner guidance, wherever you might Source it, will keep your spiritual dance (aka living life) in balance.

Do you always seem to be precariously placed on a tightrope between love vs fear, or clarity vs doubt, or the weight of the past vs the burdens of the future? You may often feel that the inevitable “bad stuff” will surely show up if you ever, even fleetingly, taste a bit of the “good stuff.” Even more so, you may already be off-balance and ready to tip over into the great abyss of the unknown.

What if I told you, you were not alone?

Of course, you have all kinds of responsibilities, chores, and debts that you may never truly be able to repay except giving your all (and more). No one is immune to being here on the Earth as a flesh-and-blood vessel of consciousness. We are all in the same predicament. Yet, there is more meaning to this than you may notice at first glance.

Unknown, unacknowledged, or even ignored forces in the universe are at your beck and call — 24/7, 365 days a year (and yes even Leap days too!). These spiritual, often incorporeal, beings offer you just what you need, right when you need it. If only you were paying attention rather than worrying about last week’s meeting or the lack of sleep from too many 60-hour weeks in a row or the unreasonable stance of your persistent child in the face of “reason.”

So what can you do?

Easy peasy, lemon-squeezy!

Just breathe!

Wow, what a relief that was. Depending on how off-balance you are right now, it may take several measured, slow and steady breaths to get you back to center. See what you did there? You regained balance simply by being your human self, taking in the constantly-needed oxygen for your body’s continued well-being. I know some people who’ve gone without food or water for days. Try that with good ole O-2 and your body will protest and knock your resistance out cold and let the natural rhythms of your amazing body return to balance once again.

So why in the world would you constantly resist your own self? Sure, your vessel may not be the same as Kim K. nor Tom Brady, but you have your own unique way of walking your life’s tightrope. Without being centered and balanced in who you are, your overreaching to be someone else compromises your balance but all is not forever lost. In fact, your non-physical compatriots are always there to remind you, guide you, and offer you what you need to regain your balance. And your body is but one of the physical heroes in your life too.

When you truly quiet your egoic mind, you will still sense a presence observing every one of those fleeting thoughts that tend to crowd for your present attention. Incorporating meditation, silent walking, or simply sitting in nature, will vastly decrease the distractions and will open up new levels of self-awareness and possibility.

Without all those limiting beliefs you have about yourself, you are free to stay in balance with your whole Self. Connecting to your highest ideals and passions along with the vital physical foci you have day-to-day will keep you well-balanced on the tightrope of life. Staying centered in the maelstrom of distraction can be challenging, yet your own personal self-care returns you back to center once again.

As an added bonus, what do you think the balance of life really is? Work vs Play? Right vs Wrong? Good vs Evil?

The real balance is Aware vs Unaware.

Are you currently aware of your vital needs in the moment? Do you know which direction you are going? Are you enjoying the ride? If not, why not?

By being centered and balanced with your spiritual self, you become the WHOLE YOU, not just an ego-driven facsimile. This is the balance you seek and when you sense it, feel it, become it more and more each passing day, you will see the universe bursting with love, joy, creativity and bounty.

When you recognize the abundance in your life right now, it will notice you noticing. Your beautiful dreams will give you winks and air kisses, at first, all the while finding the easiest least resistant path to your doorstep as soon as you’re ready. Time to let fly and become your full you. The universe needs you and wants you to succeed, even if you may think it is thwarting you. It really is redirecting you to what truly matters. Once you are in the vicinity of that place, your natural balance of love, joy, and wonder will be constantly available to you.

Look at you up there on the high-wire. What a show!

P.S. Your abundance was never really gone in the first place!

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