Tending Your Spiritual Garden

Tending Your Spiritual Garden
by Starcat

Ah, spring! Although the landscape may still be a bit wintry in your backyard, the longer days and the changes peeking through as the land slowly awakens are delightful. And as the Wheel turns, we continue our steady progress toward the goals we set at Yule or Imbolc. Here at the Vernal Equinox, the days and nights are in precise balance. But we are poised on the edge of a turn towards greater solar light and energy. And though we can’t yet plant our physical seedlings in the chilly ground, we can certainly take the time to tend to our spiritual gardens.

Begin by reflecting on the goals you’ve made for this year. If you haven’t made any yet, it’s certainly not too late! Once those seeds are in the ground, it’s time to do the work of a gardener. Watering, fertilizing and weeding the spiritual garden, as well as making sure it’s getting enough sun, will reward you with a healthy harvest later in the year.

First, the watering. Water signifies emotions. We should all know, when we’re working magick, not to cling to the emotional ups and downs of a project, because we may just sabotage it. However, healthy emotions poured lovingly onto the garden will help the plants to grow. Take joy in the work you’re doing toward accomplishing your goals. Share that joy and excitement with a close friend, or express it through writing or drawing in your journal or Book of Shadows. If you feel discouraged about your progress (or lack thereof) toward your goal, allow those feelings to flow through you without judging them or letting them get stuck.

You’ll also want to fertilize your spiritual garden, adding important nutrients to the soil in which your projects are grounded. Make sure you have the physical-world things you need to pursue your aims. If your goal is to paint pictures, you’ll need plenty of paint, good brushes, the right canvas and a work space with adequate light. If you’re looking for a new home, real estate listings and transportation to potential houses will be essential.

As you pursue your goal, having the support of people close to you can help nurture your spiritual garden. It can be physical support, like watching the kids or pets while you’re out taking a class, or the moral support provided by encouraging words.

As the garden continues to grow, you’ll want to be sure you keep it weeded. Some goals can appear daunting, but if you break them down into gradual steps, they become much more manageable. A good calendar with plenty of space to write lists is a useful tool. Be sure to take time periodically to evaluate where you are on the path to the goal. Sometimes your goal will change a bit. Or perhaps it will create lots of other exciting tangential ideas as it grows; you can “weed” those out, writing them down to save for later. Keep your mind clear and focused by making sure your project notes and materials are organized and taking time to get out in the fresh spring air.

Be sure that your spiritual garden gets plenty of sun, so it will have the energy it needs to grow and thrive. In order to put energy into your project, or to invoke the energy of divine assistance, you’ll need to be sure you are recharged. Take good care of yourself in the basic ways: eat healthy foods, get plenty of sleep and exercise regularly. In fact, doing your exercise outside will boost your spirits as well as keeping your metabolism working. Take regular breaks from your projects to pursue other activities that recharge your batteries: get a massage, have great sex, read a book, hang out with friends. Your project will still be there when you get back and you’ll have more energy to devote to it.

One of the crops I’m tending this year in my own garden is my spiritual creativity. This means, in part, doing more writing. That in itself has been bringing me joy and pleasure, and I’m learning to let go and not be upset when I get too busy to give it the amount of time I’d like. I’m a Virgo, so keeping my writing projects organized and well “weeded” has been easy thus far. As long as I remember to get out and exercise regularly, I have plenty of energy to shine on my spiritual garden. And as to fertilizer, I’d like to share with you one of my new nutritious venues. I’ve started a blog called Starcat’s Corner.

Starcat's Corner: Essays on Pagan Living

If you get a moment to lean on your hoe and take a break from your gardening, come on by and take a look. It’s at http://www.starcatscorner.com. Leave a comment if you’d like, or a link to your own web page.

And may your spiritual garden flourish this spring! Blessed Be.

This article, written in 2006, is excerpted from Starcat’s Corner: Essays On Pagan Living by N. Starcat Shields. You can get your copy, paperback or ebook, on Amazon.

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