Spiraling Upward

Spiraling Upward
by Starcat

Do you ever feel like you’re going around in circles? Even when you’re actively working on self-improvement, you’ll get that notion from time to time, particularly when an old pattern rears its ugly head. You might find yourself thinking “What? This again? I thought I’d healed and moved on!” It can certainly be frustrating, and at times depressing.

Don’t be discouraged; some personal lessons become themes that weave themselves throughout your lifetime. Rather than thinking you’re right back where you started, instead look at your journey as an upward spiral. Can you see how this lesson is a bit different this time? Is it a little bit easier, or do you have a new perspective on it? Were you able to see it coming sooner than before? Keeping a personal journal can be helpful, as you can refer back to how you felt when this happened in the past.

Your own personal spiral trail not only means that you’re continually learning more about your challenges, but also that your strengths are getting even stronger each time you traverse the spiral’s curves. What personal powers can you draw upon when you face a persistent old pattern? What have you learned that can help you approach it in a new way? Are you more able to see the big picture of your life?

When you’re feeling good, include the upward spiral in your meditations or trance journeys. Working deliberately with this imagery will allow you to integrate it, and you can then draw on it when you’re uncertain. Explore how the spiral shows up for you. What beings or totem animals are there to support you along the way? Are you walking up a mountain, through the woods, or along the shoreline? What colors do you experience as you traverse your spiraling trail?

Symbols are powerful tools to help you along your spiritual journey. Experiencing your path as an upward spiral brings a new perspective to the day-to-day obstacles you might face, and helps you to see your life as a whole. Try it, and see what happens!

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