Some Truths According to Starcat

Photo by Alpha

Photo by Alpha

Some Truths According to Starcat
by Starcat

As BlackLion mentioned on Monday, we’ve been focused this month on personal truths, the things which are true for you. Our personal truths will change over time, as we evolve and grow. As you walk your spiritual path, hold lightly to your beliefs, allowing them to serve you rather than imprison you. Allow your truths to bubble up from within, immersing yourself in their wisdom. Let them support you as you traverse your daily life.

Here are some personal truths that are lighting me up this spring:

Love Is at the Center. Like BlackLion, I believe that the cosmos is made of an energy that is, at its root, love. The vast dance of our multiverse is creative, sustaining, and transformative. There is so much to it that our minds become overwhelmed. Yet we don’t need to comprehend all the mysteries. Trust that love holds you up, and that even in death, the energy that composes you is transformed into something else.

You Are What You Think. Your thoughts and feelings hold the power to direct your life. You can harness that power and live deliberately, or go with the flow of old conditioning and get more of the same. It’s your choice. I’m not saying it’s easy, or that you have control over every little thing, but you can influence your own stream of consciousness. It’s a good place to start.

Practice Is the New Black. I wish I’d known it as a child, but I’m happy to have discovered this key personal truth as I grew. I think practice is the best thing since sliced bread – better, even! Anything that is important to you can be part of your practice. This can include music, bread baking, sports, spirituality, relationships, breathing – pretty much anything you want to become good at, really. How do you direct your thoughts to create a better life? Practice. How do you achieve your goals? Practice. How do you learn to take care of your body? Practice. Try it.

Letting Go Is Part of the Dance. Okay, practice is important, so now I can create a list of practices I should do every single day, and work hard at them all the time. Right? Well, not exactly. It’s vital to put in your time of work and effort, yes. But then there is the part where you let go and surrender. You practice hard for a show, then rest up on the big day and let your performance flow forth. It’s the same with life. There will be times when you’re mindful and focused, and there will be times when you need to take a nap. Rest and pauses are important. Crises will erupt, too, and those are the times when you can tap into the skills that you’ve developed in your spiritual practice. Go with the flow.

Listening to Your Body is Worthwhile. Most of the time we let our brains run the show. We think we know what we should be doing to maintain our health and energy, and we make choices based on those beliefs (and sometimes we ignore them and comfort ourselves with food and drink). What about your body’s input? Rather than rely on habit, take time to listen to what your body wants. You might think exercise is a good plan, when what you really need that day is more rest, or vice versa. You may order a salad when your body is craving more protein (or again, vice versa). Take time to listen and follow your intuition.

Creativity Is Vital for Good Health. We are all creative beings in our own way. When we stifle or ignore the flow of our creative energy, we get blocked. No matter how busy your schedule might be, making time for creativity on a regular basis will contribute to your overall well-being. Make it part of your regular practice. The benefits are far-reaching, and will wend their way into every corner of your life.

Connection Is What It’s All About. Think about the times when you feel best. When are you fully in your bliss, your joy? In those moments, you are connected. You might be connected to your inner self, other people, the Divine, your creative flow, pets, or nature. Connection is what uplifts us and helps us feel whole and filled with purpose. Make space in your life for connection. Don’t force it. Simply allow it in.


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