Share Your Vision

Share Your Vision
by BlackLion

When you have a passion for a particular subject, focus your attention on it and observe the feelings you experience. When they feel really good, whether you are being of service, being creative, being instructive, or being silent, you share these energies with your community, near and far. If you had an ideal image, who would you have to be to enjoy it fully? Start there and take steps that ease you further in your intended direction.

If you are clear in your vision of your dreams come true, you will begin to notice many aspects of it in your current experience. The main common factor is you! You are the major component of your vision. Cooperate with the direction you want to choose by encouraging yourself and taking care of your Well-Being in mind, body, and spirit.

Each of your subsequent encounters involve objects, people, animals, and/or your environment. In what ways are you championing your own intentions? Create sayings, affirmations, or mantras that remind you of your vision for your life. Here are some examples:

“I know my vision will come to me.”
“I trust myself.”
“I’ve overcome every obstacle I’ve ever faced.”
“I love who I am.”
“I choose to enjoy my passion.”
“My life keeps getting better and better.”

Now give yourself a heart-felt hug and move forward with ever more inspiring steps. You’ll find challenges and roadblocks that you have put in your own way. In that sense, you knew that you would be able to overcome any obstacle and each one would give you a greater and greater hurdle to leap. Yet, each one becomes smaller and easier as you go. The biggest ones are at the beginning. Ask yourself, where do I start?

Start in the center of you, wherever you may believe you are. Next, breathe deeply into this space with each inhalation. Then, let your center release any truths, half or otherwise, that no longer ring true with you. Each time, ring a happy bell for your success. Now, when you release your vision to the world, you will merrily find your own true purpose. Slowly return to your daily practices with a more intimate and empowering knowledge of your core beliefs. Blessings!

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