Self-Interest: How to Live Life Your Way


Self-Interest: How to Live Life Your Way
by BlackLion

Selfishness has many negative connotations when applied to traditional ways of thinking. When selfishness is used as an excuse to be self-centered and restrictive, then I would agree. Yet, when selfishness is used to benefit not only yourself but others and the world, we can rename it to enlightened self-interest. So why is it important to be self-interested?

Firstly, just because you are taking yourself into consideration in your decisions and actions does not make you a bad person. Heck, if you cannot even be nice to yourself, how can you possibly be nice to others? By putting yourself in the equation, you will inherently find ways that are not only beneficial to yourself, but to the other beings you are in connection with as well.

Next, recognize that you are an integral part of All-That-Is. Without you, your family, friends, work, and play would all be different in so many ways. Your influence and attention to the world is vital to the betterment of all. Without you involved, what would be the point, after all?

Now, when you take a self-interested point-of-view, you’ll realize that every short-sighted thought or action will have negative repercussions on you, whether resentment, disinterest, or outright anger. Of course, though it is important to keep the feelings and betterment of others in mind, if you are not actively seeking your own betterment, the universe will find ways to kick you in the ass to get you moving forward once again (losing a job, partner, or home to name a few).

By accepting that you are an important factor in all of your experiences, you’ll better realize how to best live your life. Tap into your passions and explore your intuition. Your inner guide is softly and kindly speaking to you all the time. Take time to listen, reflect, and finally take inspired action in the direction of your dreams. No one else will hand you your dreams on a silver platter if you are not intentionally practicing self-interested thoughts and objectives.

Seek and find mutually-beneficial solutions to any of your problems. After, all, you have overcome every challenge you have ever faced. What makes you think you’ll not do it again this time?

In any event, when you are self-interested, the world will WANT to shower you with gifts. People can subconsciously tell when you are living within your passion. Let your intuition guide you to actions that enhance the world (and your life!) while steering clear of the status quo of worry, doubt, and fear that is pervasive in our culture. Be one of the good guys by being yourself!

One thought on “Self-Interest: How to Live Life Your Way

  1. This is very true – selfishness is like guilt – bad words. Selfishness is well defined in this article and guilt serves no purpose. I’ve always said if you don’t do anything to hurt someone else, you have no reason for guilt. xoxo

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