Remember to Vibe

Remember to Vibe
by BlackLion

We have all been in a place where we don’t like what we are doing and yearn for something different. That’s a natural way to realize that life is meant to be more for you. Your desires are important on many levels of reality and the universe wants to create them for you. Yet, we often resist our goals for some reason.

One of the ways to get out of that is to remember to vibe in a higher vibration. You know what it feels like when you are in the zone, going with the flow, and creating effortlessly. You have been there before; now to return. Even the act of reminding yourself that you want to feel good is a great start.

Take a moment to center yourself and allow the feeling of relief to come over you. A few deep breaths help to bring you back to your centered awareness. Now, find good aspects about whatever subject you are focused on. Yes, there is at least one aspect; even knowing that the situation is occurring in your experience is a starting point.

Place uplifting sayings around your house, work, and car that remind you of how powerful and awesome you are. Returning to your highest vibration is a practice. Relax about all the self-criticisms and judgments. You are doing a great job just as you are! Keep up your spiritual work and reap the enormous benefits of self-love.

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