Receiving the Gifts of Inner Wisdom

fd140716faesunset2Receiving the Gifts of Inner Wisdom
by Starcat

Stop reading and listen for a moment. Yes, right now. Focus your attention not on the sounds around you in the external world, but on what’s going on within your mind. Close your eyes and breathe into the swirl of thoughts and energies that flow through your inner landscape.

How does it feel?

It’s okay if you’re a bit uncomfortable with pausing to listen within. If you don’t often tune in, your inner self has so much to tell you! There are messages flowing to you all the time: hunches, intuitions, whispers of wisdom from the part of you that is firmly plugged into the energies of the cosmos.

By opening yourself to this connection, you’re learning to receive and accept these gifts that are always there for you. When you are in touch with your deepest self, the gifts you receive will enhance your life in joyful and unexpected ways.

As with many techniques, the best way to get started is to just try it, and then repeat. Practice and practice again. Create reminders for yourself, so that you remember to stop and listen each day.

There are many ways to open and receive. Maybe you like to listen within while seated in meditation, or when you’re out for a walk, or simply by letting a routine task (doing dishes or folding laundry, perhaps) lull you into a calm and relaxed state. Daydreams are one of the most common times to receive the gifts of your inner knowing, as are the dreams you have each night.

When you first begin, or when you’re renewing your focus on listening, there could be a backlog of messages waiting for you. It could feel overwhelming at first to receive so much information at once. Simply breathe and relax yourself as much as possible, and accept that the wisdom you need in this moment will arise. Conversely, when you are getting started you might experience a very quiet, sleepy inner landscape. If you haven’t tended to this connection for a while, it could take time to open it once again. Have faith that it will get stronger and stronger as time goes by.

You might enjoy keeping a record of the wisdom you receive from your inner self. This could be kept in many forms: a journal, a sketchbook, notes on your phone, your blog, or whatever most appeals to you. By keeping track, you’re sending the message to your deeper self that you’re excited about this connection. This will help enhance your connection to your inner guidance.

When you take time to receive the gifts of your own inner wisdom, your joy and passion will expand. You’ll be better able to share your own gifts with the world, and uplift others as well as yourself. Try it and see what unfolds. You can do it!


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