Reasons to Celebrate

Merlin celebrating a holiday nap.

Merlin celebrating a holiday nap.

Reasons to Celebrate
by BlackLion

During this time of year, there are so many activities vying for your attention. Whether it is the last minute stuff at work before vacation, getting the house all decorated, or shopping for presents, there is always something filling up your to-do list. Finding ways to celebrate might seem out of reach.

Instead of letting all the holiday bustle get you stressed out or worried, remember all the awesome ways this season can bring you joy and fill you with love:

Filling Up with Holiday Cheer

Whenever you want to find the magic of the holiday season, take time for yourself, if only for a few moments. Light a candle and find a quiet spot to contemplate all the beauty and joy that this time of year brings. Make a list (checking it twice) for all the gifts that you are already surrounded by right now. Really feel your way into making each item on the list something you are thankful for and make sure to give a cheer for each one!

Spending Time with Family

We might be challenged by some (or all) of our loved ones at one time or another, and the holiday season may cause even more strife as you spend time together. Instead, celebrate that these people are in your life for an important reason, because you want them in your life. Even if they can be irritating, find the best qualities of each person in your family, because this time of year is about love and connection. Celebrate the love you feel for them regardless of how they are. Love for your sake, and they will benefit even if you don’t let on.

Decking the Halls

Make your home into a haven of celebration by setting out candles, trimming your tree, and decorating with shiny ornaments and knickknacks. By putting these festive reminders around your home, you’ll have plenty of opportunities for Christmas cheer when you look at the sparkling lights. You’ll create memories to cherish during the cold winter months.

Giving the Perfect Gift

Gift giving is a holiday tradition where you give and receive things on your list. Yet, sometimes the bustle of shopping can be such a hassle. Purchase not only items on your family’s list, but also consider making a gift from old photographs, crafting personalized holiday cards, or creating “adventure packs” to do together when the time is right. Celebrate that moment when their eyes light up as they open the perfect gift, given from your heart.

Gathering with Friends

And of course this season is about gathering in community with family and friends around a Yule bonfire, or a party at your beautifully decorated home with all the fixins. Connecting with your friends and sharing this special time together will fill you with cheer and remind you that each celebration creates cherished memories. Give extra hugs and kisses under the mistletoe while celebrating hearth and home.

Blessings to you and yours however you celebrate!

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