Play Is the Work

UnicornStreetPlay Is the Work
by Starcat

Whatever made us think that our experience here on the Earth plane was supposed to be serious and full of struggle? Yes, we are here to learn and grow. But if you observe young children, or kittens, or puppies, you’ll soon notice that learning is fun. Play is a terrific way to explore the world and learn about your place in it.

Play is for adults, too. The more playfully you can approach your daily tasks, the more smoothly your life will go.

You might be worried that if you focus on play, you’ll never get any “real work” done. That’s what we’ve been led to believe, but it’s not actually the case. By playing, you’re putting yourself in greater harmony with the energy that runs the universe. This energy is what’s behind our most powerful creations, relationships, and accomplishments. It’s when we think we need to control everything that we get stressed out and block ourselves from these natural vibrations that could support us.

The Tao Te Ching addresses this notion beautifully:
“The Tao does nothing,
But leaves nothing undone.
If powerful people
Could center themselves in it,
The whole world would be transformed
By itself, in its natural rhythms.”

By doing “nothing,” at least by the standards of the Puritan work ethic that prides itself on hard work, effort, and sacrifice, you accomplish everything. When you try too hard, you’re actually setting up a field of resistance, whereas when you let go and flow with the energy of life, so much more gets done with so much less effort.

Actively playing is a perfect way to get yourself grounded in the vibration of flow. In the flow state, the lines between play and work become blurred. You are enjoying your experience, staying connected with the Tao, the Divine, the energies that make up the entire cosmos. When you fall out of that alignment or a struggle appears in your experience, you’ll focus on getting back into the flow first, before taking action.

There are many ways to play, and what you consider playful is unique to you. Favorite hobbies, Law of Attraction processes, expressing your creativity, laughing with friends and loved ones, spiritual practices, physical activity, getting out in Nature – all of these are things that uplift your vibration. Schedule fun self-care appointments regularly to enhance your flow state. Make play dates with yourself and others.

Being playful with the mundane activities of daily life is a valuable way to activate flow rather than resistance. Try playing spy games in the grocery store (my Mom and brother and I used to do this regularly when I was a kid), dancing to your favorite music while doing the laundry, or having a friendly competition with a pal or family member around your exercise goals (who can take more steps in a day? The winner gets a smoothie or movie ticket). When you have errands to run, send yourself on a mission, or set up a scavenger hunt of things to watch for while you’re out and about.

Resolve to stop dividing your life up into rigid categories of “work” and “leisure.” Create new ways to be present and have fun, even during times when you used to just put your head down and try to get through.

Each moment in life is precious. When you cultivate the attitude of playfulness, your daily joy will expand. As you become more joyful, you’ll learn to live in that state of flow, which will enable accomplishments that you once would have seen as impossible.

The play is the work, so get back to it!

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