Our Guided Meditations

Our Guided Meditations
by BlackLion

Starcat and I are very happy to announce that we are releasing our new Guided Meditations for Self-Care in both CD and mp3 formats. We have put much focus and attention into the creation of this CD and we are very thankful for the process of its pregnancy and birth. As Feline Dreamers, we put our heart, spirit, and love into all of our wares and offerings. We hope you will enjoy this creation!

Each meditation is a guided tour deep within yourself. You are on a journey of your own determination. When you feel the need to go deeper and want a gentle assistant to bring you to your own divine self, we offer it in these meditations. To bring you beneath your conscious surface, we bring you through a system of chakras, each corresponding to a color, a position in the body, and also an energy level.

Red is the first chakra, or root chakra. The position on the body is at the base of the spine, incorporating down through your legs and feet and into the Earth. This is the spirit as body manifested. Your survival, your health, your abundance, and fears of the lack of those things are represented here.

Orange is the sacral chakra at your sex. This position is your relational, creative, and pleasure center. When you are feeling good about yourself on this level, you can more easily connect with your family, friends, and community on a harmonic level, uplifting the whole. At other times, you may become very upset, discouraged or apathetic when this area is pinched off from its natural flow.

Yellow is the will center and that of personal power. When you are sure of your thoughts or if you are concerned about power-over mentality, this position corresponds with expansion, growth, and empowerment as well as fear, pessimism, and worry. This chakra is your conviction in the world. If you believe it, it will come.

Green is the heart chakra. Unconditional love, compassion, and well-being spring forth from here. Blocking these energies can lead to stress, rejection of yourself and others, and dispassion. When you empower this area, you are more at peace and ease with the world, both within and without.

Sky blue is at the throat chakra. Here is your self-expression through your voice, music, and the written word. Your sense of security, communication, and independence and feelings of lack thereof are represented at this position. You can speak your truth more easily and kindly when you are in balance here.

Indigo is at the Third Eye chakra. Located at the center of your forehead, this position influences the balance between your physical and mundane self and your spiritual self. Feeling restless and sleeplessness are indications that this area is being suppressed. Your intuition is communicating with you through here. Are you following your inner guidance or resisting it?

Violet is at the crown chakra, rising from the top of your head and merging with the energies of your spirit, or higher self. With meditation, you can align with your sense of being and connect with universal consciousness. When you are feeling helpless or disconnected, take a few breaths and center yourself. Once you are aligned, you can resume your loving connection with the divine.

After taking you through these chakras, our guided meditations set the scene for your intimate connection with your spirit guides and guardians. With topics such as Find Your Purpose and Connection, the self-explanatory meditations are suited for specific topics or as a continuous flow through the whole sequence.

We are very thankful for the lovely music of Doc & Lena Selyanina underlying our meditations. You can find more information about them and their wonderful Creative Commons music here.

Our new Pay With Your Heart program allows you to get these guided meditations and some of our other wares at a price that works best in your budget. We want to offer this product in a way that helps the most people while encouraging us to create even more of these spiritual tools.

Blessings on your journey to a joyful connection with your spirit.

Guided Meditations for Self Care

Get a copy of Guided Meditations for Self Care on CD or mp3s here.

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