Love the One You’re With

You know who the title suggests, right? Nope, not your mother or your father, even if you still live at home. Not your brothers or sisters either, though sometimes it can feel that way. And not even your significant other whom you may have devoted your life to. Nope, nope and nope. The one with whom you love is YOU!

Imagine for a moment a time when your life has turned for the better. You may not remember one off the top of your head, yet you’ve overcome every obstacle you’ve ever faced and there’s a good chance you will overcome any others that you might find along your path. Put in your mind a moment that is a cut above most others.

So take this transcendent instance of joy, laughter, happiness, or whatever it is that lit you up inside and recognize it for what it is – a moment of self-love. You were swept up in that experience with nary a care in the world. Even the relief after a good cry counts as one of these precious moments. And the best part is, you already know how to be good to yourself even more right now.

So stop whatever it is you *think* you should be doing and instead focus on how you want to *feel* in this now. This is the key to all self-love: choosing to feel better and taking the next step toward that end goal. Oh sure, you may feel like you don’t deserve this freedom of relaxation. Or you worry that some perceived external agent will reprimand you for doing so. Nothing can be further from the truth. The Divine, for instance, really really loves you, unconditionally.

Forget about the naysayers, inside and out, and instead realize that when you nurture yourself, you are a better person. You’ll become more attentive and caring with your loved ones in the process and they’ll totally recognize your new verve and vitality.

Love the one you’re with, yourself. Open yourself to your immediate surroundings, and how they reflect that love back to you. See the Divine in every moment! Not to mention all the non-physical support you’re constantly receiving. When you are present and focused on feeling better, that’s where your magick lies and those who surround you are in harmony with your loving intentions.

Practice this exercise of self-love and present-moment awareness as often as you become conscious of it. You’ll sometimes get lost in the distractions of life, but you’ll find your way back to yourself. With more awareness of how you are feeling right now, you’ll be better able to love yourself and others and just feel good for its own sake!

Blessings and Love to you and your loved ones – and on and on!

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