Live with Freedom and Passion

fd140407freepassionatelifeLive with Freedom and Passion
by BlackLion

Do you dream of living a life filled with passion, joy, and freedom? Thankfully, you get to decide how your life unfolds. Whether giving service to community, communing with your inner guidance, or reveling in your inspired actions, you choose your own blessed path. Of course, life has its challenges – that’s what makes us smarter, stronger, more compassionate, and more loving! What is your intention when you delve into the Great Mystery of Life?

No one can give you freedom, you have to accept it for yourself.

The question to ask yourself is: Am I following through with my passions or am I stymieing them with my habitual routines? Redirecting your momentum from the status quo is a gradual and fulfilling process. Take steps every day, even bursts as short as 5 minutes, to check in with yourself. Is the next action you are about to take fulfilling or detrimental to your overall well-being? Choose the path of better and better.

You may get some strange looks or inquisitive expressions when you’re devoted to your passions. Follow your bliss and cooperative energies will converge on you, filling you with joy and creativity. Release the worry and angst about what others may think. Only you can truly know what is best for you. Connect with your inner self and allow your brilliant wisdom to guide you.

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