Lasting Change Begins With Acceptance

It’s true, but harsh: any truly lasting change begins with acceptance. You have to begin by accepting things the way they are, right now, before moving forward.

Say what?!

This is a lesson that I railed against for a long time. If I didn’t have a problem with the way things were, then why would I want them to change?! The impetus for change is usually some sort of dissatisfaction – or even pain and suffering.

So, why should you try to accept your current situation?

And, more to the point, how?

The thing is, like attracts like. When you’re busy steeping yourself in what you can’t stand, you’re vibrating on that level of energy. Even when you feel ready to move forward, if you haven’t yet shifted to that new vibration, you can get stuck where you are.

One thing that I’ve experimented with is using the excitement of my goal or aim to shift my vibe. Even so, this only gets you so far.

If you’re shopping around and saving for a new car, you still have to drive the old clunker around town. How do you feel when you’re driving? If you’re grumpy and resentful, that vibe is what you’re calling in.

Say you’re trying to lose weight. You’re excited about looking and feeling better, and maybe buying some new clothing. You can pull yourself forward with that enthusiasm, and use it to fuel the new actions you’re taking. But what happens after your shower, when you look in the mirror at your body the way it is right now? What are you feeling in that moment?

That’s where acceptance and gratitude enter the picture. The more you can tap into what you do love about right now – the trusty old jalopy that gets you to your destination, your strong legs that carry you up the hiking trail – the more powerfully you’re shifting your vibe.

Accepting what is in front of you, even when you don’t like it, is a practice that you can return to again and again.

When that happens, on a regular basis – well, that’s where you and the Universe meet, working together to achieve success.

As tough as it might sound, you have to accept what is in order to create what you’re longing for – and to continue to grow and move forward.

Each day, practice naming what you’re thankful for – especially in those very areas where you’re seeking a change. Look deeply into what is and find the place where you can not only accept, but perhaps even love what’s going on. It might take some work. Go deep. Be honest with yourself. Some days, you won’t be able to get there, and that’s fine. Try again tomorrow.

Shifting your energy around the things you want to upgrade is powerful work. Tapping into acceptance will enable you to feel a desire, let it go, and then get to work on the baby steps needed to get there.

You’ll (for the most part) leave resentment and dissatisfaction behind, and revel in each step of the journey toward your goal.

As our favorite bumper sticker says, “vibe first, then act.”

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