Integrating Your Shadow

Photo by Nikki Starcat Shields

Photo by Nikki Starcat Shields

Integrating Your Shadow
by BlackLion

Whenever I have found resistance within my energy field, whether frustration, anger, fear, or worry, I have found integrating rather than segregating these emotions to be ideal. Though I’m not suggesting you act on those impulses, accepting your emotions as a natural part of being human allows for an appeasement between you and your shadow.

Our natural (or is it learned) tendencies are to “confront” our feelings or even to “let go” of these emotions like a hot potato. Not it! Instead, fully experience the feelings. There is a hidden part of you that needs your attention. Will you listen or turn a blind eye?

You are all the “good” and the “bad” parts of you. Transforming judgment into acceptance doesn’t mean you don’t want to change bad habits, express yourself more compassionately, or communicate more clearly, it just means that you are aware and acknowledge that you may have some unresolved issues.

Do you have recurring conversations or even arguments with yourself during the day? Are you holding onto a grudge for a year, two or ten years later, where clearly the parties involved have changed and become different people, perhaps even because of this incident? Why should you suffer any longer for past hurts when a brand-new world is jumping into your experience every moment?

Let bygones be bygones, forgive and learn from all of your feelings. Your shadow dares to show you the painful truth that you need love too, even if you would rather bury the hurts or forget them. Integrating these parts of you allows the healing to truly begin.

You are a much better person for going through your shadow dance. <link> Why not let go of the limitations that your shadow self insists upon? Learn the lessons from your shadow, then the part of you that needed your attention will be appeased. In fact, the voices that had previously chided, ridiculed or worried you will become your biggest cheerleaders, reminding you of all the challenges you have already faced and overcome.

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