How to Struggle Less and Flourish More

How to Struggle Less and Flourish More
by BlackLion

Mindset is a major component to creating a happy and purpose filled life. How you approach any particular task or person has a large effect on how that situation will unfold. Even when you are not focused on any particular topic, your general thoughts will guide the way your life will unfold. In many ways, trying to “sugar coat” an already trying circumstance will not really make things better.

So what can you do right now so that you can smooth out the way your life is going and begin (or continue) to have good things come your way? First, relax. You are not doing anything wrong. Perhaps you are simply looking at what you are experiencing in a way that does not resonate with your spirit. If you are at work and your boss or coworker is getting on your nerves, what part are you playing in this scenario? Can you find a way to let that energy go back into the universe in a different way?

Take a few breaths and focus on aspects of this person that you do enjoy. It could simply be that you will no longer have to interact with them much longer, say during a break or at the end of the day. Or the way they laugh at your jokes, or the nice shoes they wear. Find anything you that will grab your attention in a better feeling way. This will take the edge off your frustration or downward feeling thoughts. Once you are on a more even keel, you can begin to focus your attention on even better thoughts. Look within for ways to feel better about you and your life. When you can find aspects that you really enjoy about yourself and your life, you can begin to see the better aspects of others and the world.

When you are focusing your attention on anything, observe how you feel about the subject. Are you feeling good or bad? What intensity of feeling do you have? If it feels good, keep it up! If not, then continue to find aspects that you do find agreeable. If, for instance, you find something horrific or extremely uncomfortable, find a subject that does not harbor those feelings and focus your thoughts on that instead. When you are feeling better, gently return to the previous subject and see if you can find one or two ways that feel a little better than before. Again, practice this exercise whenever you can. You may not be a master to start, but any way to get your momentum moving forward will guide you toward flourishing rather than struggling. Enjoy the journey.

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