How Do You Shine Your Bright Light?

How Do You Shine Your Bright Light?
by Starcat

So often in life we stay on the defensive. We hold to our routines, telling ourselves that we just want to be left alone. We avoid shining our brightest light, instead hiding it under a bucket. Or is it a bushel? A bushel of what, precisely? A bushel basket? It’s a confusing metaphor.

But I digress.

When you stop and think about the reason you came here, the reason your soul’s essence wanted to be born into this life, though, hiding doesn’t make any sense.

You are a uniquely creative and beautiful individual. You came into this world with talents to nurture, inspirations to follow, and desires to fulfill. As you grew, you learned more about the world, and discovered more and more things to get excited about.

Sure, life on the Earth plane can be hard, and sometimes you get worn down by life’s daily challenges and major crises. You may feel damaged by some of the experiences you’ve had, and scared to put yourself out there again.

But you still feel that spark deep within, that part of you that has some sacred work to do here. What is it? What excites you and helps you to shine your light into this world?

Maybe you’re not sure. Perhaps you’ve lost sight of what makes you shine, in the daily round of work and household tasks and parenting and social media and news. Our time here is short, though, and precious. Why wouldn’t you want to spend it doing the things that light you up, that help you to serve others with your passionate joys?

One way to help uncover the things that help you to shine is to think about what you most loved to do as a kid. How is your childhood passion for books or doll clothes or painting or softball or singing or horses or dance embedded in your adult self? Are there ways you can recapture the thrill of enjoying your playful passions?

It’s also useful to look at the various aspects of your life and see where beams of light might be shining through. When you discover these sparks, you can encourage them to grow.

Your work. What do you do for a living? Why did you choose this job or career in the first place? Remember when you were first drawn to this type of work. What appealed to you about it? Did it allow you to tap into your natural talents, or did you want to challenge yourself to learn something that felt exciting? Think about the aspects of your work that make you light up. Jot down a few ideas.

Your relationships. Who are the people you absolutely love to spend time with? It might be your family members, partner, or friends. Think about the folks who make you laugh, and get silly, and feel loved. The ones who accept you just as you are. We often choose friends who mirror our own qualities back to us. Think about your most delightful friends. Why are you drawn to them? What do you love about them? How do they help you to shine?

Your hobbies. What do you do in your spare time? Yeah, I know, perhaps leisure time is merely a dream. But what would you do if you had some? It might be photography, helping kids learn to read, or painting snowman figurines. What do you love about it? What is on your mental list of things you’d love to learn someday, when you have time? Why?

Your home. Look around your home, and think about what you most love about it. Maybe you have a secret yearning toward interior design, and love the way you’ve arranged the textures and colors. Perhaps you enjoy feeling cozy and comfortable, with all your things nearby. What are your favorite items? Why? How would you update your home if you had infinite time and money?

Your pets. Often our pets are the ones in our lives who most easily give and receive unconditional love. How do you treat your beloved cat or dog? What do you do together? Why do you feel so happy in their presence?

Your media. Each of us chooses what we decide to allow in via our phones, TVs, and computers. Think about the shows you watch, books and magazines you read, music you listen to, blogs and YouTubers you follow. What do your media choices say about your soul’s yearnings? What do you most look forward to, and how does it inspire you?

Your self-care. Many of us are lacking in this department. But when you have the opportunity to delve into self-care, what do you choose? Getting a massage, spending the day at the beach, or treating yourself to some new clothing? Are naps appealing to you, or would you rather go for a brisk walk? Think about the ways you would choose to nurture yourself, if given the time and resources.

All of your answers are clues to what helps you to shine your brightest light into the world. They lead to your deepest callings and biggest desires.

Now that you’ve uncovered some things that help you feel shiny, follow the leads. Pursue them like a spiritual detective. Compile a list of ideas for when you need a boost of energy or inspiration. Dedicate yourself to a new goal. Make a bucket list and get started with checking off items.

You came here for a reason, or many reasons. In order to lead a life full of meaning and purpose, let those reasons shine through. You don’t need to hide. Actually, the world needs your brightest light. You can inspire others to shine boldly, too, by being a role model. Shine on!

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