How Do You Play in May?

Faerie Play CatsHow Do You Play in May?
by BlackLion

Spring is a time for renewal, revitalization and powerful energies reemerging from the winter’s slumber. How do you play with spring – in your beautiful garden, immersing yourself in the warm sunshine, or simply watching the flowers all bloomin’?

May is a great time to celebrate all the birth, growth, and change that is happening, with the world transforming its colors from brown to green, and red, and yellow, and …! Tap into life’s raw transformative energy and you’ll have a mighty powerful ally to change your life. When you play, you are asking the universe to play with you.

Which feels better to you, laughing off a potential slight, or getting stuck in an exhaustive argument? When your ego gets in the way of your spiritual power, it becomes a trickster trying to divert this power into the same old patterns rather than the magickal abilities of playfulness and joy. The best time to stop this energy is to nip it in the bud, and start playing.

With the power of play, you’ll receive inspired actions and serendipities, you’ll become a ready, willing, and able avatar of your spirit’s loving and transformational essence. You are always doing what is best for you, because what you are receiving and transmitting every moment is an indicator of your self-awareness. If you are feeling out of sorts or feeling dull-face, then why not inject your now with some playful aliveness, like dancing or singing? How can you make your next appointment a game, like to see how many times the CEO says “integrate” during the company pep-rally?

Whichever ways you define play in your life, go for it! That is the point of it all. Take life by the horns, dive deeply into your spiritually-drenched self. Add more mindfulness, prayer, meditation, or other present-tense thinking to keep your ego in check and your spirit soaring!

Take your kids and go to the playground. Swings are the thing, or slide your way back into fun. It’s not rocket science. Feeling good brings its own rewards, like yielding better returns. With this intention of being all-in and going for what your heart is calling you toward, you’ll find things working out for you more easily because you are more at ease to notice them, not stuck up in your ego-brain.

Playful warriors, quixotic healers, gypsy yoginis, and other transformational types tend to flock together to gain momentum and build tribes of like-minded enthusiasts of play and joy. If you are feeling like you’re ready to take on the eternal yet rewarding challenge of actually loving the life you live, then start your play practice every chance you get. Play is your conduit to the good life, because you bring the fun with you, already in your heart!

Take the opportunity to let go this spring and let in your high spirits. Engage in mind, body and spirit building moments like dancing, centering, and laughing. Seek the next deeper, more thrilling, more open understanding of who you are, what you really want to offer the world, and then go for it! You are beloved no matter what, so accept this intentional focus on play and become who you want to be. Release old paradigms that may have been keeping you stuck in the muck. All you have to do is play and have fun, OMG – YES!

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