Honoring Your Preferences

Honoring Your Preferences
by BlackLion

When you are in a situation and you like what is happening or dislike what is happening, where does this preference come from? Do you honor how you feel or do you question these feelings? Whichever way you focus, you are honing the way your life will become.

So what does it mean to honor your preferences? Essentially, when you recognize that you are the culmination of all your experiences, shared with and influenced by others, you can better recognize what thoughts resonate with your spirit and which ones do not. When you feel good about whatever the subject is, you know you are aligned with your source. When you feel bad, you are not in alignment with your spirit. Either way, you better know what you want or would prefer to experience.

You are a unique being and what you offer to the world is your amazing perspective. When you realize what really revs you up, you can better focus your intentions on those better-feeling experiences, people, or places. Take a moment to honor your preferences, focusing on what uplifts you or, if something is bothering you, focus on what would feel better in that situation. What would you prefer in your life?

Taking the time to reflect on your preferences allows your mind to catch up to your spirit. Once you can see that what you want is simply a way of thinking rather than the any particular action, then you are well on your way to creating those experiences in your future. Practice gratitude, loving yourself for who you are and becoming more for knowing yourself better.

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