Happy Birthday Dad! (Messages from Spirit)

Northern Lights by Jerry Magnum Porsbjer

Happy Birthday Dad! (Messages from Spirit)

by BlackLion

Today would have been my father’s 70th birthday. I feel humbled, knowing that we won’t be celebrating in person together, yet surprised that it has already been nine years since he passed. One of the things that makes life worth living is keeping the memory of those who passed, yet also celebrating the life we’re living now.

Would he be proud of me? Ashamed? Happy? All I know is that during this thinning of the veil between the worlds around Samhain, I can get a sense of what the spirits are sharing with us all the time. I’m curious as to how I am seen from the other side.

Sure, I have my faults, like we all do, yet every day I strive towards a better understanding of the universe and my place within it. I am convinced that there are other worlds, other dimensions of reality that interact with our own on a regular, yet more subtle, basis.

What is guiding you right now? Your head, your heart, your soul? I bet it’s a combination of all of these depending on the circumstances. Yet, how does it feel when you are aligned with each one?

In your head, that’s where the past judgment, resentment, and misunderstandings come from. Yes, logic has its place, yet we are not purely logical beings (at least the non-Vulcans among us).

In your heart, that’s where your emotions live. They can take you on a rollercoaster if you are not attuned properly. It’s also the place where love and hate can take over (hopefully more often the former than the latter).

In your spirit, that’s where your true power lives, and this is the place that has the most guidance from your ancestors and spirit guides. You can gain so much wisdom by listening to your higher source, however you may attune to it (God, Goddess, Oversoul, Higher Self).

I am choosing to celebrate my dad’s birthday today by honoring what he loved. I gained a love for sci-fi and science from him, so I think some Star Trek will be in order tonight. Also, witty humor was his forte, so I have gained a great appreciation of words and the subtle differences between a joke and not. Which is why I enjoy writing and laughing so much.

Thanks, Peter, for being such a great father. Sure, we had our differences and probably could have spent time together more often, yet I do not regret a single moment with you. I love you and miss you and I hope you are doing well wherever you are.

Please, for your own sake, take the time to reconnect with a family member you may be estranged from, celebrate with your family more often than not, and make or send little gifts or writings that will give your loved ones a boost, because you care.

Take the precious time to connect now because life (and death) have a way of overtaking us.

Love more. <3

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