For the Lightworkers

The current global health pandemic is seen in some circles as part of the awakening of human consciousness to a new level. At this time, those of us who have been actively doing spiritual work can assist in holding space for those who are mired deeper in panic and fear. I believe that this awakening is part of the rise of the Feminine Divine in these times.

Does this mean that we’re all walking around our homes in bliss 24/7, channeling wisdom from the Goddess?

No, of course not. You might have moments of that, but chances are you’re still dealing with your own fears and stress – along with the intense empathic experience of our collective suffering.

Our sacred work is to continue to return to center (again and again), connecting with our Divine source. We are witness to a time of great transformation.

This time of quarantine, this break in our activities, gives us more space to reflect on what is of highest value to us, and to take inspired actions in that direction.

Each of us is helping with the awakening in our own unique way.

This might not look like the outward-turning activities you’re used to as a lightworker. You might hold space by walking in nature each day, studying spiritual wisdom, or writing in your journal. Your nighttime dreams could be where you offer your gifts. You may be called to “just BE.”

There’s no need to push yourself to do things you think you “should” be doing to offer your support. Let yourself be led by your heart, by your intuition. Your inner source will lead the way, if you listen.

Holding space for the awakening might make you more tired than usual, even if you feel like you “haven’t been doing much.” Go easy on yourself. You’re doing some heavy lifting that will probably be invisible to most of those around you.

When you do have your own moments of fear and stress, be aware of them, and allow yourself the space to express your emotions. Then choose an activity that will help you get back to your center.

Support yourself with plenty of sleep, healthy foods, fresh air, and self-compassion. Lean on your spiritual practices. They’ll help you in this extra-challenging time.

If you’ve been mired in a state of stress yourself lately, now is the perfect time to start or resume your daily spiritual practice. Start simply, with ten minutes of focus each morning.

When you’re struggling, ask for help. Call on your non-physical helpers. Reach out to other lightworkers. You don’t have to do this alone.

We’re all in it together. Those of us who are aware of the magick of spiritual connection can give powerful support to the collective awakening. It’s our time to shine.

It’s not always an easy path to walk, but if you’ve been called to it, you already know the blessings it can bring. Keep walking.

You’ve got this.

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