Finding the Sweet Spot Between Giving and Receiving

Remember to take time for self-nurturing like a bubble bath, reading a novel or a nap.

Remember to take time for self-nurturing like a bubble bath, reading a novel or a nap. (Photo by BlackLion)

Finding the Sweet Spot Between Giving and Receiving
by BlackLion

If you find yourself drained because you keep on giving and giving and giving, yet never expecting anything in return, perhaps you need to shift your perspective toward more receiving. Or maybe you’ve collected extra boxes of clothes, tools, knickknacks, or food, that you have no place to fit any more – give them away. You can always go to extremes of giving and receiving, yet the juicy sweet spot in between is the place to be.

Of course, the sweet spot is different for each person. Caretakers definitely feel more comfortable when they can offer themselves to their family, friends and community. Remember to take time for self-nurturing like a bubble bath, reading a novel or a nap. Being of service is a noble purpose, yet imparting all of your reserves without caring for yourself doesn’t benefit anyone, ultimately. The people who are your beneficiaries will recognize your sacrifice yet also may add guilt on their plate for receiving from someone already stressed out. Be kind to yourself as well as those you gift.

Hoarding is a pattern of energy in which you store away that extra set of clothes or ten that you want to save for when you lose those extra pounds, or as a memory of past events. Perhaps you’ve accumulated boxes and boxes of old books, papers, tools, dishes or whatever that are taking up inordinate amounts of space in your basement, attic, garage, or living room. This is the receiving gone extreme. Let the energy of abundance flow by giving away what you no longer need to those who will welcome your gifts.

The sweet spot between giving and receiving is the nexus of the energy of abundance.

So if you overcompensate one way or another, whether you feel it is out of obligation or fear of lack, you’ll find yourself stuck in ways that don’t really feel all that good. Instead, take a step back and look at it from a higher perspective, one grounded in spirit. Your spiritual energy is the driving force for why you are here on this Earth plane. By giving too much or taking too much, you’ll dwindle your ability to flow with your natural abundance.

Sometimes these restrictions can manifest as illnesses, so that if you give too much, you’ll just have to skip a holiday party that you spent so much time planning, organizing, and funding. Or perhaps you’ve got your life so full of useless extra junk that you can’t possible see how to juggle just one more thing, causing stress and worry. Luckily you can get to a place of peace.

In the sweet spot, you are open to possibilities without harming yourself and you’re still able to offer your unique gifts to others. The nature of stuff is impermanent. Why not embrace that aspect of abundance where money comes and goes, people come and go, stuff comes and goes. Keep the treasure, lose the excess. Being in this great feeling place of abundance offers you a new perspective on the universe in ways that would feel unnatural when off-balance.

Your unique insightful gifts inspire the world, share yourself with intention.

It can be hard sometimes to let go of what we think we need, or we thought we might need sometime in the future. If you simply let go of the fear of lack and open up to trust that the universe will provide you exactly what you need, exactly when you need it, you’ll be able to step up to any of life’s challenges with grace and intention. If you tend to give too much sometimes, begin to say yes to only the events or projects that will benefit the most people, including yourself, and respectfully decline things that would drain you or compromise your balance.

The sweet spot between giving and receiving is an awesome-feeling place. You know how much energy you have to offer at any one time and you’re open to receiving the gifts that the universe offers all the time. Being open and aware of your balance point between giving and receiving will lower your stress during the holiday season as well as clear out the clutter that is blocking your natural abundance to flow into your life. Bon chance!

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