Faerie Travelogue: Magickal Adventures in Portland

It was Cinco de Mayo – Starcat and BlackLion’s 7th anniversary.
Cinco de Mayo

Our faerie mission was to head to the city of Portland, Maine and meet a gnome friend who needed our magickal assistance.
Old Port in Portland

In his downtown flat, we met him in a frantic state. He had heard that someone was trying to capture him and he wanted our help to create a spell for his protection.
Portland Flat

He warned BlackLion not to stomp on the flower faeries along the way though.
Flower Stomp?

First, we gathered some cherry blossom petals …
Cherry Blossom Petals

… from under a cherry tree in front of the First Parish UU Church.
Cherry Tree UU Church

We walked around the Old Port to look for more ingredients for our spell. Serendipitously, we found a joyful animal parade where …
Joyful Animal Parade

… we were gifted with a feather from the Peacock King …
Peacock King

… and a blessing from the Turtle Queen! Both of which were on our list!
Turtle Queen

We “sale”-d to the waterfront where we …

… caught a glimpse of a faerie… err ferry.

Starcat and BlackLion wished them Peace and Love!
Peace and Love

Our next spell component was the sound of a wind chime singing from the ocean breeze.
Wind Chime

We were curious as to why we needed to find an “onion” ring on the Portland Fire Boat.
Fire Boat in Harbor

When we arrived, we found a different food ring, an “orange” ring, so we grabbed the life preserver for our nervous gnome friend, just in case.
Orange Ring

Next, we were told to get assistance near the invisible airship’s anchor, but not to try and take it with us.
Invisible Airship's Anchor

The captain hailed us from far above and we looked up, thankful for his help. He pointed us to the Lions’ Den where we could find our next spell component …
SC & BL Looking Up

… the courage of a lion.
BlackLion Courage

Starcat soothed the lions by petting them because they became scaredy cats for a brief time after their offering.
Starcat Soothing

Success! We found all the spell components we needed. We sat down to cast our spell, only to find out it was too late …
Sat Down

Our gnome friend was absconded by gremlins!
Gnome Absconded!

Luckily, their intentions were good. It was a surprise! He was whisked away by pirate ship to …
Pirate Ship

… our anniversary celebration with ice cream and alligators!
Anniversary Celebration

Starcat says, “It’s delicious!”
Starcat Delicious

BlackLion got so enthusiastic about the ice cream that he …
BlackLion Enthusiastic

… had to show all his new alligator friends how to eat ice cream properly!
Alligator & Ice Cream

We love to celebrate our adventures with our faerie friends! Blessings!

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