The Exquisite Power of An Open Heart

The Exquisite Power of An Open Heart
by Starcat

How does the following statement feel to you?

The most powerful thing you can do to save the world is to walk through your life with an open heart.

Sit with it for a moment, and see what emotions arise. Fear? Doubt? Skepticism? Scorn? Hope?

As someone who identifies as an introvert and an empath, I completely understand how the notion of keeping your heart open can be terrifying. Our world is an amazing, beautiful place – and it can also be dangerous, broken, and overwhelming.

Walking through life with an open heart isn’t necessarily safe. But it is powerful.


Your heart center is the place where your love and compassion dwell. It is the place where you are most strongly connected with your inner source – that little piece of the Divine that you bring to this physical life. That connection, when you allow it, is a wellspring of infinite love and support.

It is also a source of endless wisdom.

When you open your heart, you are better able to hear your inner wisdom. When you’re solidly connected to that wisdom, you’ll actually be much safer. Your wisdom will steer you away from dangerous settings and toward the lessons, joys, and delights that your soul most desires.

Do you remember the book (or the movie) The Celestine Prophecy? The basic idea is that each person you meet, each situation you encounter, has a message or lesson for you. When you are fully open to those encounters, you are being guided on your spiritual journey.

When you walk the world in a closed-off and fearful state, chances are you’re going to miss those messages. Or they’ll gradually intensify until you’re forced to notice them, perhaps in the form of a scary health diagnosis, sudden unemployment, or even a close-call brush with death.

Wouldn’t it be easier to tap into this guidance now and be open to the little messages that surround you each day?

Don’t worry, you can start small.

You can begin by opening your heart to both your inner and outer worlds (which are reflections of one another).

In the inner world, this means taking time for a bit of solitude. By pausing to get quiet and listen within, you’ll begin attuning yourself to the voice of your inner wisdom. It isn’t necessary to eliminate your thoughts. Instead, gently focus on your breath and let them drift by like clouds. Be open to feelings and sensations that arise from within. Pay attention to any messages that you receive.

In the outer world, start by aligning yourself with your compassion. Begin with a child, a pet, or a beloved – someone it feels easy to appreciate. Focus gently on them and open yourself to the love and compassion that is sparked within you. Feel the waves of emotion that arise, and notice where in your body these waves originate. As you practice, you can use this open-hearted compassion with people and situations you find more challenging.

Walking through your life with an open heart takes some practice, and a measure of courage. It might not feel powerful, but it is.

Being vulnerable in this way allows your inner source to step forward. When you’re attuned to that source, you are accessing deep wisdom. This wisdom that guides your actions and interactions is just what this world needs.

This is the power that will help awaken human consciousness, and allow us to collectively move from a state of fear to one of love.

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