by BlackLion

When I do my envisioning process, I start with relaxing into a comfortable position and closing my eyes. Keep your eyes open if you want to do some light daydreaming while driving or otherwise occupied. Once you have taken a few deep breaths and are more focused on the moment, bring up one of your favorite moments in your life.

I remember being in my third-grade teacher’s room during recess. She had a record player and LPs with the latest music. We would play disco and dance until recess was over. The dance session usually had a few girls and myself, though an occasional boy would boogie in if the right song was played. Dancing with the twins was always a highlight. To this day “At the Car Wash” is one of my favorite songs to dance to. I feel great right now just writing about this.

What fanciful tale gets you in the creative flow of life? Once you have found an upward momentum, begin to focus on an occasion in your future that would be an awesome adventure. Perhaps you would meet up with a group of your friends on a getaway that you created and funded because of your over-night success. A party in your honor for all the amazing feats you have achieved.

Perhaps your plot of land is brimming with edible plants, bushes and trees. Your home is off-the-grid and you are in tune with the land. You walk into your garden with basket in hand, taking ripe, fresh tomatoes from the vine and snips of mint for the extravagant homemade ice cream for dessert. The sun is shining overhead and the birds are singing merrily along. What a brilliant way to spend an afternoon between writing sessions and music performances.

Whatever dreams and desires you may have, envision them and live them in your mind. Feel the deep feelings of gratitude, excitement, and trust. Imagine all the great people, places, or circumstances that most fulfill your epic desire for living on this world. You are the creator of your experience. Focus your intention and enjoy the fruits of your visionary ideas.

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