Embracing Divinity

Embracing Divinity
by BlackLion

Look around you right now. What do you see? Can you find the divinity that is in each object and being? Take a look within yourself. Can you find and tap into your source of divinity, your eternal spiritual energy? Sit here in this moment and embrace the divinity that pervades all things. Let this energy wash over you.

Sometimes, you can get stuck in a place that feels separate or distant from your spirit, such as in a heated argument, or when you see tragedy on television. These are moments when you are focused upon that which feels off. In those times, you can always return to your source by acknowledging and allowing these feelings. Recognize them as an energy that you have, but no longer desire. With this recognition, you will see them as not you, not your spirit, but simply as thoughts and feelings of the past. Let these energies float by on their own journey.

When you are feeling centered, you may notice such delectable occurrences such as the soft, warm breeze on a summer morning, the way your kitty cat’s fur shines in the sunlight, or the delicious, sweet taste of your morning fruit smoothie. Relish these moments as your divine spark, your connection with the universe. Remember that no matter the situation or the feeling energy state you find yourself in, you are always loved and cared for by your spirit, always. In this way, you can carry with you, no matter where you go, the energy and light of your loving self. Embrace the divinity within you and you will know the divinity in all things.

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