Be Wowed by the Sacredness of Life

CrocusBe Wowed by the Sacredness of Life
by BlackLion

One of the most fundamental realizations of any self-aware being is their own inherent Life. Your body which you inhabit, and use to walk and talk all day, every day is a gift. You’ll never know when you will cease to be on this Earth plane, yet the real question is, when do you start Living?

If you have ever been a part of the life cycle of another being, whether a plant, animal companion, or your own children, you will recognize the delicate and sacred nature of this fledgling being. As I have been becoming more familiar with the plant world, via seedlings and permaculture, I have come to realize the necessity for a near-perfect balance of air circulation, temperature, amounts of light, soil amendments, kind words, and an innumerable (literally) amount of interactions and interplays within the environment, to keep these wee beings alive.

That minute spark within each of these little beings is within you right now. Your body may consist of chemical reactions, cell division, respiration, perspiration, and other processes, yet without that spark of Life, you would cease to function here.

You also need love, attention, kindness, nutritious food, fresh air, warmth, and a host of other small yet very necessary requirements for a healthy mind, body and soul. When you recognize the number of beneficial coincidences that have to take place every day for you to live your life as it is, you’ll be wowed by the grace inherent in living.

Take care of yourself and your needs because you truly are an important and sacred being. Find relief in your next thought by being easy about Life rather than trying to force it. When you recognize the possibilities of a better Life as you acknowledge your own sacredness, you will be encouraged to do your best for yourself rather than the mediocre status quo or even regurgitating stilting thoughts and activities of the past.

Get in touch with that which you call You, that spark of infinite love that imbues your Life with significance and desire. Encourage your connection further by taking part in regular healthy practices that bolster and enliven you rather than ones that deaden your senses or smother your natural passions. Release, forgive, and be present in your life. You are the champion of your own sacredness – who are you going to be next?


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