Aligning with Natural Cycles

Aligning with Natural Cycles
by BlackLion

Whether we are aware of them or not, we are part of many natural cycles. Regardless of whether you consciously connect with the cycles of the moon and seasons or not, your personal circadian rhythm is inherent within you. When you become aware of the many cycles that are influencing you right now, alignment with these forces is possible.

Here are some of the cycles that affect us:

Circadian Rhythm. We are each biological beings at our physical base. Your body goes through periods of higher activity and lulls throughout the day. When you honor the signals your physical form is offering you by taking a nap, eating when you are hungry, and drinking when you are thirsty, you connect more deeply with your present moment.

Sleep Cycle. During different times of your sleep cycle, you will be in deeper REM (rapid eye movement) or floating less deeply at other times. Allowing yourself a full night’s sleep, whatever that means for you, will give you a deeper connection to your dream self and also will help you refresh for your upcoming day. Align with your sleep cycle by keeping a dream journal. Even if your do not recall all the details of your dreams, remark on any residue feelings or simply note that you had no dream retention.

Diurnal Cycle. Every day is a new day, yet the patterns repeat over and over again. The sun will come out tomorrow, just like yesterday morning. It shall return below the horizon in the evening. Be aware of how the sun affects you. Are you getting enough sunshine? Do you notice the temperature changes throughout the day? If you garden, the cycle of the sun is an important aspect of connecting to the nature of plants, animals, and yourself.

Moon Cycle. The phases of the moon have an effect on your body and emotions. The ebb and flow of the tides are influenced by the moon, as are your internal energies. When she is full, you’ll have more vigor while the dark times will bring more chance for introspection, though each individual’s experience will vary. Honor this cycle to become more aligned to your menstrual and emotional cycles.

Seasonal Cycle. Over the course of the year, the earth changes its position and angle relative to the sun. During the winter, the sun skims across the edge of the horizon, while during the summer it sits much higher in the sky. When you go within during the coldest times of the year and expand and grow during the bright times, you are more in alignment with this longer term natural cycle. Be aware of your personal energy during your favorite season, as well as during your least favorite one.

Celestial Cycles. The long term cycles of the planet, solar system, and associated energies also influence you, though in more subtle ways. Astrologically speaking, the cycles of the planets, conjunctions, trines, retrogrades, and other aspects can affect your body, mind, and spirit in different ways. The longer term generational influences affect the beings on the planet in a more fundamental way.

Awareness and alignment are the keys to finding your place in all these cycles. Conscious attention to these natural cycles will bring your connection to nature to a new level of understanding and acceptance. Start with observation, then explore ways to align with these many-layered natural cycles in your life.

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