Accessing Your Deep Vision

Accessing Your Deep Vision
by Starcat

Inside of you is a powerful connection point, a link to your soul’s deepest vision. Some people feel it in their heart center. Others experience a tug in the gut. Still others hear a whispering voice that offers gems of wisdom.

This is your intuition.

When you’re overwhelmed or stressed or freaked out – as many of us are right now, about the state of our world, especially – it can be hard to hear your intuition.

Yet that’s just when you need it most.

You need the “big picture” wisdom that your soul can provide. You need to know that not only will everything be alright – truly, even if The End of the World As We Know It comes – but that your gifts are vital to the collective whole.

You need a big, deep, inspiring vision.

Yours might be that book you’ve been longing to write, being there for your kids as they grow, ending world hunger, or finally learning to love yourself. No vision is too big or too small.

Once you’ve discovered your most compelling vision, you can find a way to get there. You can use inspired action steps, collaboration, the Law of Attraction, take classes, seek out mentors and practice regularly. These things are the DOing part.

Discovering your big vision, though, or refining it if you’ve caught just a glimpse, requires quiet. It requires just BEing, which is something that many of us find challenging.

The thing is, your vision already exists. You don’t need to create it. Your soul is on a mission (or several missions), and all you need to do is listen to discover it.

To get really super quiet, and listen within.

More than once.

It takes prioritizing YOU and your deep desires, which can be uncomfortable or even scary.

Really, though, it’s easy to DO – because it’s all about BEing.

Take just 5 minutes at the start – or end – of your day. Or right there in the middle, at a park bench at lunchtime or in your own backyard. When and how doesn’t much matter.

Sit. Let yourself just BE. Close your eyes. Let the external world fade away. Embrace the stillness.

Fidget if you need to, or walk in the woods if you can’t manage to sit quietly – don’t judge yourself. Just find that still point of connection, in your own way.

Be fully present.

Listen within. Feel the messages your soul has for you, just waiting for you to pay close attention.

You can do this. You are being called. You are part of the rising of the Feminine Divine, of the paradigm shift that is underway.

Ignore the news, the backlash of the patriarchy, the expectations and shoulds and endless tasks. Let it all go – just for five minutes each day – and listen to your deep intuitive wisdom.

It’s not self-indulgent. Your gifts are essential to the whole.

Now is the time for action, certainly. The time for change-making and activism and making yourself heard.
But the first step is to connect to your own big-picture vision first.

Get solid on your mission. Honor your soul work. From there, the expansion will begin.


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