7 Fantastic Benefits of Having More Faith in Yourself

7 Fantastic Benefits of Having More Faith in Yourself
by BlackLion

You’ve been practicing pleasing others ever since you were a kid. Whether it was to stay within the boundaries of your parents’ rules, to obey (mostly) your teachers and principal in school, or to adhere to the limitations placed on you by your boss, you formed a maze of often contradictory ways in which you’re “supposed to” act. What if there was a way to make all these restrictions moot?

Having faith in yourself is the freedom you’ve been seeking!

By connecting to your true inner self, you will find the path to your own uniqueness. Within you right now is the truth, love, peace, happiness, and support you’ve needed all your life. Through contemplation, meditation, silence, and mindfulness, you can discover who you really are and bring forth the power that creates worlds.

And here are some of the fantastic benefits of having more faith in yourself:

1. Feel better about your choices. When you check in with your inner guidance as you’re about to make a decision, you’ll come away with beneficial options. Even if it’s something you would do anyway, like go to work, pay a bill, or make dinner, you’re doing that action with intention. The benefits will become readily apparent.

Be in alignment with who you really are.

2. Focus on what really matters. Distractions – TV, Facebook, news, texting, etc. – have always been a way to feel better, right? Well, at least in the short term. Yet when you contemplate who you are and what really matters, those distractions are just a simple whitewash to what is important to you. Focus on the activities, people, places, and experiences that rev you up rather than placate your desires.

Follow through on your dreams – you’ll thank yourself later!

3. Surging self-confidence. When you seek and find what really is important to you, you’ll auto-magically have more self-confidence. In essence, when you trust yourself and your inner guidance, you’ll be more sure of your decisions and know that they’ll be to your ultimate benefit. You’ll no longer need the advice of so-called experts, seek approval from anyone else, or worry about whether you made the right choice.

Be your own champion. Go you!

4. More peaceful interactions. Recognizing that you have your own passions, desires, preferences, and goals will also allow you to recognize that so does everyone else! Though you may not agree with the thoughts, decisions, or actions of others, know that what they choose is right for them in the moment. Allowing yourself to be fully You will allow others to be fully themselves. Peace does not mean without differences, it simply means that you are who you are no matter what the circumstances.

Feel good on purpose! You deserve it. No doubt.

5. Drama Llamas Be Gone! Interpersonal and intrapersonal dramas are going on all the time, mainly by people who are unsure of themselves and because of our own past programming (shared with you by other folks). As you fulfill your own desires and share who you truly are with the world, you’ll discover that most of the drama llamas will go away to find easier pickings. Even within yourself, you will recognize those old thought patterns for what they are, out-dated ways of seeing yourself.

With faith in yourself, the drama llamas will find browner pastures.

6. The universe tilts in your favor (even more!). When you ally with the powerful force of your eternal Source, the universe will yield to you all that is in alignment with you. Serendipities, coincidences, and good luck will ever increase in your experience. As you continue to practice meditation and presence, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly the world will align in your favor. Allow blessings to flow to you right now!

Allow the blessings which are flowing to you right now, especially in the gifts of nature. Blessings Sun!

7. Love knows no bounds. When you continue to tap into your fountain of Well-Being, you’ll not only fill up your own cup, you’ll be able to share the wealth. Love is knowing that all is well, no matter what. When you are mindful in each moment, you’ll recognize the beauty, wonder, joy, and love that is inherent in all things, even if those things don’t recognize it themselves.

Share your glorious gifts, be present in all your affairs, and blossom into the brilliant being that you have always been. Love begets more love!


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