5 Ways Your Life is a Reflection of your Inner World

5pool5 Ways Your Life is a Reflection of your Inner World
by BlackLion

Whether you realize it or not, the way you think and feel about your life, and the experiences you imagine in your mind, all have a significant effect on your life. So much so that when you are able to align your thoughts with your inner source, fantastic changes can and do occur. We’ve been taught, however, that “out there” is way more important than “in here.” Even so, you can overcome these challenges and create fulfilling and lasting transformations for the better.

Here are 5 ways in which you create our own reality, simply by noticing how and why you focus on your inner diatribe. Sing a different tune, dance into a new life!

Whistle While You Work music-notes (22x32)

On average,around 13% of people worldwide love their jobs. Around the world, there are places that have as low as 6% satisfaction in East Asia, while the U.S. and Canada are on the higher end at 29% according to the Global Workplace Gallup Poll. With so many dissatisfied people, you might be one of the lucky ones who really are engaged with your job. If not, your mindset can be changed to include this feeling of satisfaction at work.

Imagine waking up in the morning, excited about the new day. You get up early so you can focus on the next exciting steps in your work. Though you may not fully love each task, you know that every step in the direction of your dreams is vital to your happiness. You and your coworkers are glad to see each other again and cheerfully chat over the next phase of the project over a cup of coffee. Your meaningful and engaging work fulfills your deepest desires to change the world and everyone benefits from your talents, expertise, and intentions. What a great life!

How goes your imagining? If you feel stuck, or a bunch of “what ifs” pop up, don’t fret. Simply address each one as it comes up by examining the thoughts and feelings around those aspects of your work that you do not like. By becoming aware and reflecting on the parts of your work that are most satisfying, you’ll be able to view work in a different light. Essentially, what you bring to work each day is way more important than what may actually happen, since only you can truly make yourself happy. Meditate on what kinds of fantastic work environments and experiences that would be right for you. With your new mindset comes new opportunities that were simply hidden from your grumpy point of view.

Home, Sweet Home music-notes (22x32)

How is your home life? Do you love where you live or wish you could be somewhere, anywhere, else? Sure, upkeep, bills, rent/mortgage, etc. are not an especially exciting aspect of living in your home, yet they are important enough to want to keep up-to-date. How you feel and think about your home is, in its own way, a reflection of how comfortable you are within yourself.

Do you keep the sink clear of dishes or have they been stockpiling for a week? Laundry, everybody loves doing laundry, right? Whether you are meticulous about your home or are rather slovenly in some respects, these are simply aspects of your inner thoughtscape manifesting in your experience. Clear the clutter in your thinking and you’re more inclined to declutter around the house.

Reflecting on what you feel a happy home ought to be will give you keys to what you believe and what you feel about what you believe. By consciously paying attention to your thoughts, you’ll be able to find those persistent, resistant ones and transform them to ones better suited to your well-being. Do some spring cleaning in your mind and your home life will benefit.

It’s a Family Affairmusic-notes (22x32)

Of course, having a home usually is accompanied by your family, whether a dozen or just yourself. Your relationships with these folks, living, dead, or away, is based upon your thoughts, memories, and feelings within you. Sure, they may have screwed you over, belittled you, or even berated you, yet those experiences are more a reflection of who they were (at the time) than anything to do with you. Conversely, how you treat your family is a reflection of you, and your interpretation of them, but not truly a reflection of them.

So, say you’re having a challenge with your mom. She’s perhaps overly critical, or even downright mean when she is in one of her moods. Taking her words personally, though it’s challenging not to, will only exacerbate them in your world view. Do a meditation about any of your challenging family members and find out if you’ve taken personally any or all of what they have said in the past, then let them go.

Having a joyful family life is not impossible. In fact, you’ll come to better understand who you are by recognizing that they are simply extensions of the thoughts that are within you. When you are able to interact and truly feel love for those who challenge you, not only will you feel better in the moment, your family will be able to sense your intentions and will begin to find within themselves (of their own volition) ways to treat you more lovingly. Love starts from within.

You’ve Got a Friendmusic-notes (22x32)

You may have many different kinds of friends, ones that adore you, challenge you, and love you, or all of the above. Each one comes into your life because you are a match, vibrationally, with them. As you examine who you are, the thoughts and feelings you experience, and the joys you find, someone you know is always there to support, encourage, or challenge you.

Of course, there are different depths of friendship. Some are simply acquaintances, old school chums, or local business owners who you chat with infrequently, yet there is still a bond and a smile when they are around. Your best friend, of course, is with you more often than not and shares in your interests, ideas, and feelings as if they were their own – maybe even more akin to a chosen family member than a friend. Wherever they are on your friend-o-scale, it is your beacon of light that they are drawn to, and vice versa.

Perhaps you feel more lonely than friendly? Though you do enjoy your own company – be thankful as not many folks really do – it is also pleasurable to be able to confide in and share your experience with another. Look within and find out what thoughts and fears underlie your belief system and may be interfering with your network of friends. By polishing up your inner world, the people you encounter will be able to sense it and you’ll draw like-minded folks to you. And don’t worry about losing someone in your life who no longer resonates with you now, simply thank them for all the times you’ve shared and be open to new people to come in to bolster and encourage your shining light.

Love the One You’re Withmusic-notes (22x32)

And most significantly, when you are in love with another on a deep level, there is a vulnerability and trust that goes with intimacy. When you allow someone to know the “real you” on such a personal level, a lot of emotions and thoughts will arise. Being aware of these feelings when they come up will help you better understand yourself and how you experience the world.

If you are unhappy with your current relationship or you have been longing for one for a while, take some time for reflection to seek and find the resistant energies within you. Are you afraid of letting someone into your heart? Do you feel jealous when your partner is with another or worried that your lover will leave you?  The solutions to these challenging emotions are already within you right now. Seek within.

Love is one of the most fulfilling and daresay challenging emotions to keep within you. All love starts from within and to truly love another, you must first love yourself, unconditionally. When you recognize that what you say, think, and feel about yourself is reflected in your life, you’ll be able to attract a lover that values and respects you for who you are because you value and respect yourself. Love the one you’re with (all the time) – you – and others will enter your life to concur wholeheartedly. Blessed Be!


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