5 Ways to Find Your Hidden Treasures

Steampunk Animal Mask by Elventiger

Steampunk Animal Mask by Elventiger

5 Ways to Find Your Hidden Treasures
by Starcat

Sometimes, especially as winter seems to drag on and on, life can seem a bit dreary. Caught in your daily routines, you trudge from day to day. Yet underneath the grey surface, you are a magical being with unlimited potential! Your psyche contains hidden treasures which can bring you joy and inspire your creativity.

Here are five ways to uncover some of your hidden treasures:

1. Pay attention to your dreams. Dream imagery is rich in symbolism and pageantry. You might spend time in a treehouse fortress, twirl through a dance in a gilded ballroom, or construct a wagon from teak wood for a wounded talking badger. Try to recall some of these images and bring them into your waking life.

2. Create. Take time in your life for your creativity. Never mind those voices that tell you, “I’m not creative” or “I can’t make things.” Find ways to enjoy expressing your creative spirit. Decorate an area of your home, try a new hobby, or brainstorm solutions to a problem. Focus on the process rather than the outcome.

3. Pause. Stop once in a while and bump yourself out of your routine. What would you enjoy doing right now? Take a walk, try a new coffee shop in a different part of town, or call a friend you haven’t spoken with in a while. Changing up your daily routine allows space for new ideas and gems of wisdom.

4. Play with words. Write silly poems or limericks, just for fun. Play word association games with your kids or friends. Let your witty repartee evolve into catch phrases that make you and your family laugh. Be punny.

5. Move. Many of us live in our heads much of the time. Moving your body can stir up your imagination in new ways. Dance, run, hula hoop, do some yoga stretches. While you move, let your thoughts flow, noticing what arises without being attached to it.

Come up with some of your own ideas on how to uncover your hidden treasures of imagination. When you’re feeling stuck, pull out the list and try something different!

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