5 Ways Creativity Is Spiritual Therapy

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Revel in the joy of fun.

5 Ways Creativity Is Spiritual Therapy
by BlackLion

One of the many ways that you can thrive in your spiritual life is to focus on creativity. Whether it is writing, playing music and rhythm, or enjoying a game with friends and family, you can use your creativity to enhance your connection to your inner joy. Here are some ways that you can feel the relief of spiritual therapy via your creativity.

Deeper Connection. Any time you focus on creativity, any activity or focus that enhances yourself or the world, you tap into your inner source. Connection is the cornerstone of living a spiritual life, and by listening to your guidance and letting it come forth in your creative projects, you are more than you were before.

The Zone. Have you ever focused on something so intently that it felt effortless? Have you been in “the zone,” a state of mind and spirit where you are one with the moment? When you practice creativity, you can get into this soul-charged state and really enliven your life and connection to spirit.

Enhanced Flow. Being in the flow is the active part of the zone. Essentially each new moment is an outpouring of your spiritual energy into the physical realm. With practice and patience, you will continue to find the flow in your creative endeavors.

More Presence. Every fine detail, every nook and cranny, every stroke is important to your creative focus. When you are immersed in your practice, you are hyper-aware of the present moment. When you realize that every moment is a creative opportunity, you will find more self-awareness and presence in your life as a whole.

Ramping Up the Fun Factor. One of the main reasons you create is to enjoy yourself during the process. The dance and the challenge are the cornerstones of any creative endeavor. As you allow your spirit to usher forth through you, the love and well-being that is inherent will fill your life to overflowing. Revel in the joy of fun.

2 thoughts on “5 Ways Creativity Is Spiritual Therapy

  1. I love the idea that doing something creative is actually a spiritual practice! I have struggled quite a bit to integrate a spiritual practice into my daily life (such as yoga or mediation) and it didn’t work so well… on the other hand, I managed during the last weeks to make some room for sewing and knitting. When I sew and knit, I’m totally connected to myself, I experience immense joy and flow and am totally present and in the zone… only I never thought about it as a spiritual thing.
    The difference is, I sew and knit because I’m passionate about it, whereas I do yoga and meditation because I feel I should do it (I do like doing yoga, mind you, but what I like about it is more the effect it has on me than the actual activity itself).
    I take it as another proof that there is nothing compared to following your heart and passions and nothing that makes us more spiritual :)

  2. Greetings Robyn!

    Yes, when I find myself in my creative flow, I am in tune to a power greater than myself, a deep connection to my inner source. When you are focused on your sewing or knitting, you are actually practicing mindfulness, a form of meditation. So, unbeknownst to you, you have actually been practicing your meditation while doping something that you love. That’s the practice, really. Choose what brings you joy, do more of it, and enjoy the bliss that is part of the process. :)

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Blessings!

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