3 Ways to Expand by Surrendering

When you are feeling stuck in your own skin and unsure of where to turn next, perhaps you are holding on too tightly to things. Do you feel like you need to control every minor detail to feel successful?

It may seem that to expand one must push against life.

But to get fully into your magnificent self, you need to surrender some things so that your natural expansion reigns. Won’t it be nice once the ego brain isn’t steering the bus, and instead you’re focused on the heart and soul of the situation?

Here are 3 ways you can expand by surrendering:

Let go of the need to control others. When we need others to be a certain way in order to feel good, then won’t our panties be in a bunch when they are rebellious to our specific needs? Sure, we can coerce or even force others to be a certain way, yet this isn’t surrendering, this is nitpicking. Instead, allow everyone to be their true, independent selves, just like you’d like to feel – free, honest, and open. Expand into new relationships by observing rather than dictating how others should be.

Let go of the need to control the conversation. You know, sometimes it’s better to listen to what another has to say. You may even learn something new, or at least learn that the current line of topics is not your cup of tea. Either way, surrender your need to redirect someone toward your own topics. Yes, have your say, fully and proudly, yet also listen and truly hear what this other soulful being has to say. Listen to the wind, Earth, and nature too!

Let go of the need to worry about potential calamities. The universe is so big and so vast, it is almost completely beyond your control. Now, this isn’t to say you are helpless to the winds of change. In fact, you have more power than you ever thought possible. It’s the letting go of the need to focus on the negatives that will allow you to buoy back to the surface and become more aligned with the universe. Fear and doubt are emotions that we all have; it’s the ability to surrender to the lessons and the self-discovery that will set you free.

What other ways can you surrender to what-is and allow yourself to expand to your fullest greatness?

Share them in the comments!

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