14 Simple Ways to Infuse Your Every Day with Joy

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by Starcat

I bet you wish you had more joy in your life. It’s easy to stay in your mind and think about problems, letting the day pass without noticing the beauty around you. Whether you’re struggling with stress, depression, or grief, or if you’re just stuck in a rut, here are some easy ways to bring yourself some extra sparkle.

1. Wake up ten minutes earlier than usual and just lie in bed, peacefully contemplating your day. I hear you, I don’t normally associate getting up earlier with joyfulness, either. But starting your day without rushing sets a much more happy tone. Let your slow start stick with you.

2. Eat breakfast outdoors. Listen to the birds singing, feel the fresh air on your face, notice the color of the sky. Don’t eat breakfast? Try it at lunchtime, then.

3. Keep an eye out for synchronicity, kindness, and faeries. Let your imagination wander from time to time throughout your day. Expect the unexpected.

4. Dive into a major task for a chunk of time; set a timer if it helps you stay focused. Savor the feeling of accomplishment when you finish or make significant progress.

5. Call or message a friend, just to say hello. Tell her something you really love and appreciate about her. Appreciating someone else will give you a fuzzy happy feeling.

6. Take a brisk walk. Look around and notice the beauty of the world. Smile at passers-by.

7. Find one image or picture of something that would be a self-nurturing treat for you: a massage, a road trip, a visit to your favorite thrift shop, coffee with a friend you don’t see often, or whatever feels good. Post the image somewhere you’ll see it regularly, and resolve to make it happen.

8. Eat fresh food. Stop at the farmer’s market or harvest some veggies from your garden. Enjoy the bursts of fresh flavor in blueberries, cucumbers, or carrots.

9. Play a card or board game, or start a jigsaw puzzle. Only play something that sounds really fun.

10. Watch or read something that makes you laugh out loud. Lately I’ve been cracking up over Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum novels (great summer reading) and the TV show “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” (hilarious improv comedy)

11. Make a list of 10 things you’re grateful for today. Use your imagination to come up with very specific things you appreciate about your day.

12. Write a sweet little love note for your beloved or a family member. Slip it in their lunchbox or on their desk or dashboard.

13. Take a soothing shower before bed. Rub some lotion on your skin. Give your body some extra care.

14. Play soothing music, like perhaps Native American flutes or classical piano, as you drift off to sleep. Set an intention to have another joy-infused day tomorrow.

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