When I Wander Off the Path

When I Wander Off the Path
by BlackLion

Different people get thrown off course in different ways. Part of the solution to finding your way back on your path is being aware that you are off the path in the first place. Here is what happens when I wander off the path.

I often seem to have opinions about things that are going on around me. I’m merely reacting to situations rather than reaching for the actions and thoughts that I really want to do, think, or experience. I am a bit lazy when it comes to that, though I have been working on creating a wonderful life.

The challenges that I am overcoming have to do with the influence I allow other people to have on my moods. Sometimes I don’t think about what I really want and kind of let the world happen around me, or in other words, I live life by default. I kind of go with the flow rather than flow. See the distinction?

When I flow, I am the creator of worlds. I am able to be, do, and have everything that I want because I am directing my life in the ways I want! In another sense, I am able to be the flow rather than go with it. If I go by the default flow, or life controlling my experience, then I can get into a world of anger, frustration, and disappointment. Instead of being “the master of all I survey,” I am just another peon in the game of life, or a rock in the stream.

So, the way I have been getting out of this experience is by focusing on what I want. When I notice, no matter when it is, that I am off-track, or I am living by default, I simply focus on what I want in the moment. Every time I do this, I get what I want! It is an amazing experience, you should definitely try it! Heck, I am writing this blog entry right now because I chose to focus on what I wanted, rather than going with someone else’s flow. Enjoy!