When Barriers Are Lifted

When Barriers Are Lifted
by BlackLion

Sometimes when your life gets back on track or when the barriers you are pushing against are suddenly lifted, a new rush of energy fills you up. This surge can come in many forms, both positive and negative. Whether the last vestiges of negative sludge appear as an illness or a euphoric dance of joy fills you up, this energy is the indication that you are back on track.

You may feel overwhelmed in either case, yet that barrier is clearly no longer there. So now what? When we get used to pushing against something for so long, it may seem that we lose our footing for a moment as we move forward. Revel in the new possibilities laid out before you. This also may be a good time to relax and take a quick breather before forging ahead once more.

If worry begins to creep back in, suggesting the barrier may return, let that energy have its say and let it go. Why begin to resist again when you can simply let it flow on by? We can choose to say a farewell to our “old friend the barrier” in many ways, but acknowledging its passing is a good way to honor it for the lessons you have learned through the process.

As you move forward, the tools at your disposal to overcome future challenges will be familiar and more easily wielded. The lessons of your life’s path can be a boon for yourself and others as you share yourself with the world. Each next step on your now clearer path allows new beginnings, fresh insights, and joyful intentions.