What Should I Write About?

So what do you write about when you have a blog that you want to keep updated on a regular basis but you have no idea what to say? Choose something you find inspiring. What are the clues and ideas that pop into your head when you think about your life? What inspires you when you think about the people you love or the work that you do? What new lessons have you learned lately?

Eventually you will find something to talk and think about that you can run with. A key aspect of writing is to simply begin. You may want to start with some weird word, a fun photograph, or maybe a question you are asking yourself. If you release your monkey-mind and let energy flow through you, inspiration will appear and the words will come.

Writing is not the only way to express this universal energy. You might also like to paint, make up recipes, dance, or use some other art form. Perhaps when you’re feeling writer’s block, you could use one of these expressions to help you find the creative flow again. Or take a break from creating and in the meantime, explore what brings you joy and connection with the Divine.