What Cats Know

What Cats Know
by Starcat

Your most important relationship is the one you have with yourself. Self-love is key to your happiness. If you struggle with self-loathing or feeling unworthy, this message might be hard to hear. In order to see what a life full of love and respect for yourself can be like, take a look at the cats who share our lives.

Cats are masters of knowing what they want and then going for it. They seek comfort above all and aren’t worried about “too much” pleasure. Cats sleep when and where they want, ask for help when they need it, and play with sheer abandon. We humans have a tendency to reign in our pleasure, saving it for later. We’re sure our list of things to do is much more important. Cats don’t bother with lists; they just do what feels right. We refuse to ask for help, trying to get everything done on our own. If a cat is hungry, he never hesitates to ask you for food, or to open the door so he can go hunting. We humans think too much playfulness would be undignified or a waste of time. Yet even the most sophisticated cat will play like a kitten when the mood strikes.

Cats offer their love freely. They come to us when we feel sad or ill, sharing their healing purrs and snuggles. Or they simply perch nearby, a silent presence to keep us company. We humans often try to offer our help from a place of wanting to control others, rather than listening to what they might need. If we instead start by getting centered within ourselves, we can more appropriately share our love. And if the other person isn’t interested, like a cat, we can simply respect their needs, not bothering to feel slighted or unappreciated.

Cats are independent. They do what they like, and will only be led if it happens to work for them. They are adept at staying on their own path. When we learn to love and respect ourselves in a deep way, we too will know what feels right for us. We’ll say a joyful “yes!” to the things we want to do, and a polite “no thank you” when we don’t want to get involved. Cats don’t waste their time feeling guilty about what they refuse. They move on, secure in the knowledge that they truly know what’s best for themselves. Cats love themselves, and as such, they love others and can enjoy each moment of their lives. Pretty wise, eh?